SWANA Governance

SWANA is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors (BOD) from across North America. This group is responsible for setting strategic direction and overseeing the association’s operations and policy positions. The BOD meets in person three times per year as well as holding regular conference calls.

The Board of Directors receives input from an Advisory Board made up of delegates from all SWANA chapters, technical divisions, private sectors and from young professional members. The Advisory Board meets in person once each year in conjunction with WASTECON® and also during the preparation of SWANA’s strategic plan (once every five years). Advisory Board Delegates also participate in regular conference calls to provide input on financial, policy and membership issues.

SWANA Board of Directors

Executive Director/CEO
David Biderman
SWANA General Counsel
Barry S. Shanoff
Past President
Frank R. Caponi
Vice President
Brenda A. Haney, P.E.
Art Mercer
Private Sector Director
Vita Quinn
Technical Division Director
Amy Van Kolken Banister
Young Professional Director
Karam Singh
Region 1 Director
James D. Moore, S.C.
Region 2 Director
Pat Tapia
Region 3 Director
David McCary
Region 4 Director
Yolunda Righteous
Region 5 Director
Mitch Kessler
Region 6 Director
Mike Brinchek
Region 7 Director
Bob Watts
Region 8 Director
Barry VanLaarhoven
Region 9 Director
Karen Rozmus
Region 10 Director
Mary Wittry
Region 11 Director
Matt Zybas
Region 12 Director
Sheri Praski
Region 13 Director
Richard Schofield

Advisory Board

Private Sector Delegates

Lisa Skumatz
Constance Hornig
Terry Schneider
Susanne Passantino
Vita Quinn
Materials Recovery
Richard Ludt
Don Ross

Technical Division Delegates

Collection & Transfer Division
Dan Graeter
Communication, Education & Marketing Division
Tiffany Dunn
Landfill Gas & Biogas Division
Amy Van Kolken Banister
Landfill Management Division
Lynsey Baer
Planning & Management Division
Robert Craggs
Sustainable Materials Management
Elizabeth Roe
Waste-To-Energy Division
Greg Gesell
Young Professionals
Karam Singh