Advocacy Updates Take a look at our latest Advocacy updates.
The goal of SWANA's advocacy program is to represent the interests of the solid waste profession by being a proactive advocate of environmentally and economically sound solid waste legislation and regulations.

The Association's advocacy efforts are focused on three major fronts:

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring

SWANA monitors federal legislative and regulatory activity to keep our members informed of issues pertinent to the municipal solid waste industry. We compile two quarterly reports on US litigation U.S. legislation and regulatory actions.  These reports can be downloaded here.

Regulatory Action
SWANA monitors all pertinent regulatory changes to the solid waste industry. Our advocacy program depends on the efforts of our members to provide input to federal agencies and other entities to guide their rulemaking. We looks to our 7 Technical Divisions and their respective committees to provide information and supply comments on upcoming rules and regulations.

Legislation to Advance SWANA’s Mission
SWANA works with outside groups, coalitions, legislators, and agencies to advance our legislative goals.  Regular advocacy, which is carried out within the established SWANA advocacy budget, involves the more routine response to actions or proposals from the EPA, Environment Canada, and other federal agencies. Special advocacy, which generally requires a specific allocation of resources or targeted fund raising, involves more resource intensive efforts over a longer term.