SWANA ARF Landfill Benchmarking Research Project

The SWANA Applied Research Foundation is conducting a Landfill Benchmarking Project. The purpose of this project is to develop useful benchmarks based on current performance and cost data that landfill managers can use evaluate their operations and identify potential areas for improvement. The benchmarks can also be used by local governments that contract for waste disposal to assess the competitiveness of rates being charged by their service providers.

The current project is an update of a two-year project conducted in 2008 which resulted in the publication of the 2008 report: Benchmarking the Performance and Costs of MSW Landfills.

SWANA requests the participation of landfill managers in SWANA’s Landfill Management and Landfill Gas & Biogas Tech Divisions to participate in this project by completing the survey questionnaire (link below—in DOCX & XSLX formats), which have been designed to be relatively short and easy to complete.

Please contact the Applied Research Foundation if you have any questions. Please return the completed questionnaires by December 15, 2017.