How To Enter Your Excellence Awards Submission

Entries must comply with all requirements to be considered for evaluation. All materials become the property of SWANA. Your online submission includes a digital release form that allows SWANA to use your submission for publicity purposes. Please keep a copy of your entry for your records.

Step 1. Purchase an entry (or more than one).

Technical Division Member Discount.

Each organization submitting an entry will receive a discount of $45 when providing the SWANA Member number of any person in the organization who is a member of any SWANA Technical Division. This is equal to the cost of the division membership. Only ONE discount per organization will be processed, regardless of the number of submissions entered. The person whose membership number is used is not required to be a member of the Technical Division that will review the entry, because organizations submitting more than one entry may have their submissions reviewed by more than one Technical Division.

Entry Description Price Link to Purchase
Single, first-time applicants $150 per application Purchase
Single, first-time applicants with Technical Division Discount $105 per application Purchase
Facilities that have submitted an application
within the last two years
$125 per application Purchase
Facilities that have submitted an application within the last two years with Technical Division Discount $80 per application Purchase
For entities submitting more than one application under different award categories, the following prices apply:
Submitting Two Entries $235 total Purchase
Submitting Two Entries with Technical Division Discount $190 total Purchase
Submitting Three Entries $255 total Purchase
Submitting Three Entries with Technical Division Discount $210 total Purchase

Maximum of 3 applications per entity

The day after payment is received, an email will be sent to the person whose email address was used for the purchase, containing instructions on how to upload the entry to the SWANA website. The website entry form will include spaces for both the order number and the SWANA ID number of the person whose technical division membership is being used to claim the discount, if the discount is being claimed. If no discount is being claimed, only the order number is required on the entry form.

Payment must be received ONE DAY before the deadline to submit your entry, because the entry instructions are sent automatically the day AFTER payment. If you wait until the midnight EST April 16, 2018 deadline to pay, your entry upload instructions will be sent the day after the deadline!

Step 2. Create your entry.

An entry in each category is ONE electronic copy of your application, which may be a maximum of 16 pages. The entry narrative may be a maximum of 15 pages, plus the cover page. The electronic submission will be distributed to SWANA Technical Division judges for evaluation.

NOTE the order the pages should appear!

  • The FIRST page of your entry should be a cover sheet with the following information:
    • Title: 2018 Excellence Award entry
    • Name of category
    • Name of entrant organization as you want it to appear on the award trophy if you win
    • Name of contact person, with email and phone number
    • Title of entry as you want it to appear on the website
    • Jurisdiction (city, county, parish, province, state, region, multiple states, etc.)
    • Approximate population of the jurisdiction
    • Cost per household for the project
    • Approximate budget
  • The SECOND page of your entry should begin with an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of no more than 150 words. This will be edited to describe your program in SWANA publications, including a press release if your program is a winner. Your summary should include the specific elements of your entry that you want highlighted.
  • Entries with more than 15 pages of content addressing the judging criteria will be disqualified. The 15 pages consist of:

Descriptive Sections organized following the main and sub-categories (as outlined in the scoring criteria), mixed with pictures, graphics, etc., to highlight items.
Supplemental Materials (e.g., press releases, news articles, support letters, design plans, etc.) digitized and included in the electronic submission as part of the 15 pages. We no longer accept “attachments”. When including documents, you may reduce them in size to fit multiple documents on a page, as long as they are readable, or include a link to a website that contains the requested document.

The descriptive section and supplemental materials must not exceed 15 pages (8-½" x 11") plus the receipt and cover page, for a total maximum of 16 pages.

  • EACH PAGE of your entry except the cover page must contain a header with the following information: 2018 Excellence Award entry, name of category, name of organization
  • Entries should NOT include front/back designed cover pages or blank pages. These waste valuable space that you could be using to address the scoring criteria.

Step 3. Upload your entry to the SWANA website.

  • Look for an email from us with your entry instructions. A link will be provided to upload your entry.
  • If you are unable to upload your entry into the SWANA system because it is larger than 8 Mbytes, you must reduce its file size. Entries submitted via DropBox or other web-based software will NOT be accepted.
  • If you have problems with the upload, please contact webmaster@swana.org.