Top 5 Reasons to Enter SWANA’S Excellence Awards

Taking home an Excellence Award trophy means you have created an outstanding project worthy of international recognition!
We don’t care how big or small your project is. We know it’s difficult for small projects to compete against big ones with huge budgets. Your entry should include a cover sheet with information about community size and cost per household to help level the playing field. Our reviewers will take into consideration what resources you had to work with and how well you used them to achieve your goals.
You can proclaim your role as an industry leader to your customers, community members, colleagues, competitors, and the news media. We’ll help draft your press release!
Nothing says “we’re the best” like a peer-reviewed confirmation of your accomplishments.
Every entrant will receive a professional critique. This year, all entrants will receive specific feedback from the judges about how to improve the entry for a future re-submission (and you’ll be able to re-submit at a discounted rate next year).