SWANA Landfill Gas and Biogas Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame originated as a way to formally acknowledge and recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the landfill gas industry. Less prestigious than the DIAA, induction into the Hall of Flame is not as rigorous. In place of the tangible award and formal induction that accompany the DIAA, induction into the Hall of Flame is done through a formal announcement of a selected group of inductees and includes providing a signed certificate of achievement for each inductee.

In 2014, the Landfill Gas and Biogas Technical Division decided to induct new members every three years.

Group One (1977)

Jack Peck, City of Los Angeles (circa 1973–76)

Conducted early tests at the Sheldon-Arleta landfill to prove feasibility of using LFG as an engine fuel.

Joe Edberg, LACSD (circa 1973)

Set up generator fueled by LFG to light Christmas tree on top of Palos Verdes landfill during 1973 energy crisis. Brought national attention to the possible use of LFG as a beneficial fuel.

Ron Schwegler, LACSD (circa 1973–1980)

Negotiated first LFG development contract with NRG NuFuel company in 1973 for the establishment of a commercial LFG facility at Palos Verdes, CA; authored early article on & Energy Recovery at the Landfill”.

Bob Collins, NRG NuFuel Co (later Reserve Synthetic Fuels, Getty Synthetic Fuels and GSF Energy) (circa 1973–1985)

President of the first LFG development company, which built ten plants and employed more than 200 people, many of whom have become key industry leaders in their own right.

Dick Mandeville*, NRG NuFuel Co, Reserve Synthetic Fuels, Genstar Gas Recovery Systems, Mandeville & Assoc. (circa 1973–1993)

Original NRG employee; negotiated first LFG development contracts with LACSD and So Calif. Gas Co at Palos Verdes.; founded Gas Recovery Systems and Mandeville and Associates; early work on CA and NSPS emission rules.

Fred Rice*, NRG NuFuel Co, Reserve Synthetic Fuels, Getty Synthetic Fuels, F.C. Rice & Co. (circa 1973–1997)

Fred Rice

Original NRG employee, negotiated contracts for GSF's first ten projects after P.V., including Fresh Kills. Developed first full scale field test program; lobbied for first LFG energy tax credits; work on CA and NSPS emissions rules.

Max Blanchet, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (circa 1975–1978)

Developed first utility company LFG project (800 Btu gas) at Mountain View, CA.

John Pacey*, EMCON Assoc. (circa 1973–1997)

John Pacey

Founder of EMCON, a leading LFG consulting engineering firm. Pioneered early field tests, developed LFG generation models, conducted the “Controlled Landfill Project” on LFG enhancement, authored primary LFG texts; work on CA and NSPS emissions rules.

Bob Stearns*, SCS Engineers (circa 1973–1997)

Bob Stearns

Founder of SCS, a leading LFG consulting engineering firm. Developed early designs and methods for LFG control and recovery systems in southern CA; performed extensive landfill surveys; developed Ascon and Industry Hills projects.

Willy Lockman, Lockman and Associates (circa 1974–1990)

Designed first Medium Btu LFG facility at Azusa, CA; pioneered experimental well drilling techniques (pile driving, use of drilling mud, 300+ foot-deep wells, etc.) and well completion designs.

Russ Eberhart*, Johns Hopkins Lab, Emcon (circa 1977–1985)

Organized early LFG Conferences (1978–1982).

* also chair of LFG Committee or Technical Division

Group Two (1997)

Includes individuals who made significant contributions to the LFG industry during its early years, or whose pre-eminent contributions were made during the 1980s.

Milt Bracy, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (circa 1974–1980)

Promoted development of LFG to fuel LADWP's Valley Steam Plant.

Craig Cassarino, New England Alternate Fuels (circa 1980–1983)

Developed the first commercial LFG-fueled electric power generation project at Brattleboro, VT.

Don Love, Love Process Engineering (circa 1974–1980)

Developed erosion control methods which allowed first LFG plant Palos Verdes to operate; did process engineering at GSF Selexol plants.

Frank Flower, Cook Extension, Rutgers (circa 1975–1982)

Performed early experiments on effect of LFG on vegetation.

Mike Nosanov, Engineering-Science, Mandeville & Associates (circa 1973–1989)

Performed early gas migration studies, developed first comprehensive LFG safety procedures.

Mike Wilkey, Gas Research Institute (circa 1979–1985)

Established several early research and development programs on LFG characterization and project development economics.

Jean Bogner, Argonne National Labs (circa 1980–1997)

Performed numerous studies and simulations on LFG composition, movement, production enhancement and emissions.

Charlotte Rines Frola, Department of Energy, GRCDA/SWANA (circa 1979–1997)

Managed DOE programs which provided funding for early R&D programs and LFG conferences.

Bob Ham, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison (circa 1975–1997)

Professor of Environmental Engineering. Performed extensive research on methanogenisis and LFG composition. Advised several Ph.D. candidates who later became prominent in the LFG industry.

Bob Kiley, NRG NuFuel, Reserve Synthetic Fuels (circa 1974–1981)

First full-time field test crew supervisor. Developed practical field methods for construction and operation of LFG wells, pipes and flares; trained many test technicians who are now the LFG industry's top experts.

Peter Woodfill, Reserve Synthetic Fuels, Woodfill & Assoc., SCS Field Services, Emcon (circa 1976–1988)

Peter Woodfill

Member of first full-time LFG test crew; established first company to specialize in field construction of LFG systems.

Lanny Hickman, GRCDA, SWANA (circa 1980–1996)

Lanny Hickman

Supported and funded annual LFG conferences, training programs, publications and work with government agencies that facilitated growth of the industry.

Fred Wehran, Wehran Energy (circa 1981–1995)

Developed several LFG to electricity plants on the East Coast in the 1980s.

Ellen Bogardus*, NYSERDA, SCS, CH2MHill (circa 1982–1997)

Directed first inventory of all New York landfills for methane potential; set up the formal structure and governance of the GRCDA LFG committee.

Tony Giuliani*, Brooklyn Union Gas (circa 1980–1986)

Managed LFG tests and projects for subsidiary Methane Development Corp, including joint ventures with GSF at Fresh Kills and Babylon.

Steve Maguin*, LACSD (circa 1976–1997)

Directed development of Puente Hills project and expansion of LACSD's LFG work.

Ray Huitric, LACSD (circa 1976–1997)

Led GRCDA/SWANA effort in working with the US EPA on development of the New Source Performance Standard rule.

Mike Carolan*, GSF Energy, City Management (circa 1981–1997)

Directed development of several key LFG projects for major developers in the 1980s.

Jim Walsh*, SCS Engineers (circa 1977–1997)

Developed significant early reference materials on the legal and regulatory aspects of LFG and designs for handling landfill fires.

* also chair of LFG Committee or Technical Division

Group Three (1998)

Includes individuals who made the most significant and pre-eminent contributions to the LFG industry during its middle years (late 1970s through the mid 80s).

David Myers, Monterey Peninsula Garbage Disposal District (circa 1980–1998)

David Myers

Early leader in public-private partnerships for the development of LFG to Energy projects; early member of GRCDA LFG Steering Committee.

Brian Stirrat, National Engineering Co., Brian Stirrat and Assoc. (circa 1979–1998)

Design and installation of the Industry Hills and other major Southern California LFG systems.

Alex Roqueta, Getty Synthetic Fuels, Pacific Lighting Energy Systems, Landtec (circa 1983–1998)

Developed early wellfield system tuning procedures; instrumental in the establishment of Landtec wellheads and meters as an industry standard.

Tom Shuput, Getty Synthetic Fuels, SCS Field Services (circa 1980–1998)

Tom Shuput

Helped to create and develop the market for LFG field construction services.

George Jansen, Genstar Gas Recovery Systems (circa 1982–1998)

Established numerous medium Btu and electric power generation projects in the early 1980s.

Jim Wheeler, Gas Recovery Systems, Watson Energy Systems, Mandeville & Associates, Landtec (circa 1979–1998)

Developed standardized procedures and equipment for operation and maintenance of LFG recovery and processing systems.

Mark Paul, Getty Synthetic Fuels (circa 1979–1985)

Pioneered regulatory compliance for LFG systems and developed standards for LFG development contracts.

Rainer Stegmann, Technical University of Hamburg, Germany (circa 1978–1995)

Pioneered the establishment of LFG recovery and control systems in Germany and throughout Europe.

Greg Vogt*, SCS Engineers (circa 1980–1998)

Greg Vogt

Performed early volatile organic compound monitoring studies; developed standard opreating procedures for LFG sampling and analysis, stack sampling and subsurface fire control.

Eric Zimmerman, ESCOR, Inc. (circa 1979–1988)

Performed early comprehensive gas characterization studies of LFG for the Gas Research Institute.

* also chair of LFG Committee or Technical Division

Group Four (2002)

Lin Bjerken, Hirt Combustion Engineers

Engineered and started-up the 1st Ground Flares in 1975, LA Sanitation District.

Steve Hamilton, Getty Synthetic Fuels, HLA, SCS, ECOGAS, Abt Associates

Steve Hamilton

Training leader in SWANA LFG Division.

Dick Prosser, Gas Control Engineering

LFG Migration Control Systems expert, Designer and Troubleshooter of LFG systems.

Ray Nardelli, Cooper Superior Engines

Ray Nardelli

LFG Specialties founder, Skid mounted blower/flare stations, Leachate EVAP, Training leader in SWANA LFG Division.

Chuck Anderson, Waste Management, LFG Technologies

Standardized the Design of WM’s Power Plants, Helped bring more than 28 LFGTE projects online.

Don Augenstein, IEM, EMCON

Pioneer of Science and Engineering of LFG, LFG Generations Models, Bioreactors.

John Bean, BFGSI, EDI

Instrumental in bringing 35 LFGTE projects online.

Freddi Greenburg, Attorney at Law

Utility deregulation, tax credits, contracts development.

Bill Perez, Getty, Solar, Landtec, EMCON/OWT

LFG Wellfield O&M, Red Adair fo LFG fires, Training leader in SWANA LFG Division.

Curt Ranger, DTE Biomas President

Riverview, MI power plant in 1985 plus 20 other LFGTE projects on-line, SWANA LFG Advocacy Leader.

Group Five (2007)

Ghassan Andraos


William Brinker


Gordon Deane


Ted Landers


Michal Michels


Michael Murphy


Car Niizawa


Michael Rodgers


Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan


Christopher Voell


Ed Wheless

Ed Wheless


Tudor Williams

Tudor Williams


Group Six (2010)

William Lee

William Lee



Vince Little

Vince Little



Tom Bilgri

Tom Bilgri