SWANA’s 2015 Professional Achievement Awards

Life Member Awards

John Skinner, Executive Director/CEO (retired), SWANA
Dr. Skinner has worked in the field of municipal solid waste management and environmental protection for more than 40 years. During that time, Dr. Skinner served as the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of SWANA 18 years. Under his tenure, the organization has significantly grown its membership, the scope of its education services, and its financial stability. He was also active in International Solid Waste Association of North America brought an ISWA Congress to the United States in 1998 and will bring another in 2017. More importantly, his involvement with ISWA has led to an increased global perspective in SWANA conferences.

Robert Hauser Jr., Solid Waste Director (Retired), Pinellas County, Florida
Bob Hauser Jr. dedicated 40+ years to the field of municipal solid waste management, and his contributions are innumerable. Bob Hauser has been a SWANA member since the Government Refuse, Collection and Disposal Association (GRCDA) days. He regularly attended SWANA events on both the local and national levels throughout his career, spoke at numerous conferences, and served on various committees, including Chair of the Waste-to-Energy Division. Bob recently retired as the Pinellas County, FL Solid Waste Director, where he encouraged employees to participate and actively contribute to SWANA on both a state and national level. Prior to that, Bob worked for CDM Smith for 30 years where he became an expert in all aspects of solid waste management and was ultimately named the firm’s Solid Waste Practice Leader.

Given annually, this award recognizes SWANA Members for valuable and distinguished contributions to the Association, the individual’s employing organization and the general public. The length of continuous contributions and services by the individual is a consideration in the selection.

Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award

David Ross, Senior Vice President (Retired), SCS Engineers, Long Beach, California.
David Ross, PE devoted his 45-year professional career to the practice of environmental engineering, with a focus on solid waste management projects. He was an early member of the Founding Chapter of the Government Refuse, Collection and Disposal Association (GRCDA) in Southern California, and has remained a SWANA member since that time. As a SWANA member, he has attended numerous local and national SWANA events, and for 15 years was a member of the SCS committee that oversees the SWANA Robert P. Stearns Scholarship Award.
Prior to his retirement, Mr. Ross was a Senior Vice President of SCS, and director of the firm’s International Practice, as well as being responsible for the company’s marketing department.

This award is for a Member, or non-member who, by his or her service to the MSWM field, has demonstrated meritorious consideration. Determination of the award is based on the nominee's service and activity beyond normal responsibilities to the employer and to the general public. Not always awarded every year, it represents the highest accolade the solid waste field can bestow.