SWANA’s 2016 Professional Achievement Awards

Life Member Award

Dwayne Woolley

Dwayne Woolley, Utah
Dwayne has spent years improving solid waste issues in Utah and the Western United States. He has been an active Board member of SWANA locally, nationally, and internationally. Dwayne’s contributions have also extended into the political arena. He has worked steadily in the solid waste industry for more than 18 years and has been a member of SWANA most of that time. He served as the chapter’s Treasurer for several years before transitioning as an IB Member for six years, then serving as a national IB Executive Board Member for the last few years. While steadily serving nationally as an IB representative, he always maintained presence in the local Chapter, contributing to the Board and teaching MOLO as a certified instructor for several years.

Dwayne has served for many years on both the Salt Lake County Environmental Quality Advisory Board and the State of Utah Waste Management and Radiation Control Board representing the solid waste industry and also served on the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Advisory Council.

Dwayne has been considered a voice of reason, experience and perspective in the solid waste management market. While he has preferred to contribute behind the scenes and be instrumental in making thing happen, his judgment has been respected by key decision-makers on Board and councils which have looked to him for guidance, finding him always willing to help others recognize and avoid pitfalls and achieve their goals. His comical good nature and influence was always a part of him and will be missed.

Given annually, this award recognizes SWANA Members for valuable and distinguished contributions to the Association, the individual’s employing organization and the general public. The length of continuous contributions and services by the individual is a consideration in the selection.