SWANA’s 2018 Professional Achievement Awards

These are SWANA’s highest individual awards. They recognize contributions to the association, to solid waste management and to public health/environmental protection.

Life Member (Tie)

Will Flower, Vice President, Winters Bros. Waste Systems

Will Flower

SWANA International Secretary Brenda Haney nominated Will for this award and in addition to describing his many accomplishments, spoke of his “true passion [for] talking about and promoting the waste and recycling industry.”

Russ Rutkowski, Monroe County, New York (retired)

Russ Rutkowski

SWANA New York Chapter Vice President Luann Meyer nominated Russ for this award and wrote in detail of the “immense impact” he has had on local programs, the chapter and the industry. “He is a wise counselor, conveys integrity, and is highly respected in the field of solid waste and recycling,” she wrote. Letters of support were also submitted by Michael Garland, Monroe County Director of Environmental Services; Meg Morris, Chairperson of the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations; and Lou Vetrone, President of the New York SWANA Chapter.

Professional Achievement—Private Member (Tie)

Michael Greenberg, President, GT Environmental, Inc.

Michael Greenberg

Several GT Environmental co-workers and employees (Jim Skora, Molly Kathleen, Erin Oulton, and Katherine Truax) nominated Michael for this award. In addition, members of the International Awards Committee spoke highly of his efforts to support the development of the new Zero Waste Principles and Practices Course and his “huge transforming initiative” related to SWANA’s governance change.

Elizabeth Roe, President, Eco Partners, Inc.

Elizabeth Roe

In SWANA’s Mentor Match program, Elizabeth served as the mentor for Catelyn Scholwinski from New Braunfels, Texas, who nominated Elizabeth for this award, calling her a “dedicated ambassador” for the solid waste industry and education/outreach and a “wonderful mentor… and treasured role model, as a professional woman, industry pioneer, and small business owner.” SWANA Deputy Executive Director Sara Bixby also provided wholehearted support for Elizabeth’s nomination for contributions to the development of the Zero Waste Principles and Practices Course.

Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service (Tie)

Mark Hammond, Executive Director, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County

Mark Hammond

Patrick Carroll nominated Mark to recognize his 44-year career in the industry, “at the very heart of developing the practices and procedures that guide how MSW is managed in the United States today.” SWANA Past President and current Canadian Representative Allen Lynch concurred, citing Mark’s example as the inspiration for Allen’s own long-term involvement in SWANA. The Florida Chapter also supported his nomination, for his leadership and role as a friend and mentor to many SWANA members.

James D. Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

James Warner

LCSWMA’s Executive Team nominated Jim for this award in recognition of his innovative and entrepreneurial leadership of LCSWMA, impact within his community, and influence within the solid waste industry. He also has become a model leader for his knack in recognizing talented individuals, for which he inspires and challenges to become the leaders of tomorrow.