NAWTEC 2018 Call for Proposals Now OPEN

The North American Waste-to-Energy Conference (NAWTEC) is the premiere waste-to-energy industry event and your opportunity to be part of a dialogue with the leading public and private waste-to-energy players from around the world. Be part of the renaissance in the WTE community by submitting a proposal on one of the following topics:

  • Municipal Efforts to Develop Energy Recovery Projects
    To recognize innovative projects driven by municipal leaders who promote recovering materials and energy from waste that would otherwise be landfilled
  • Local Governments as an Incubator for Technology Development
    To illustrate projects adopted by local governments that increase the value of materials recovered from the waste stream
  • Corporate Zero Waste-to-Landfill Policies as a WTE Market Driver
    To identify corporations with sustainability goals that rely on zero waste-to-landfill practices to deliver results to financial bottom lines
  • New Projects to Reclaim Metals and Beneficially Reuse Residuals from WTE Facilities
    To describe projects that enhance the recovery and marketability of pre- and post-combustion metals or ensure that WTE residuals are beneficially reused
  • Adoption of State-of-the-Art Technology in WTE Facility Operations
    To portray best practices in operations and equipment upgrades that make WTE facilities among the most reliable electricity providers
  • International Examples of New WTE Projects
    To highlight projects worldwide that bring state-of-the-art technology to the WTE marketplace
  • Enhancing the Economic and Social Value of WTE Facilities in the Communities They Serve
    To delineate creative projects or programs that support communities

All proposals must be submitted online by October 13, 2017. Emailed proposals will not be accepted unless specifically invited. Submit your proposal here >>

*Submittal Guidelines*

Only one proposal per person is permitted, unless otherwise arranged. Be sure your proposal is your BEST idea!

Before starting your submission, gather information in a Word document to be able to cut and paste it into the survey form. You will NOT be able to go back to the form after you hit done at the end or log back into a partially completed submission. Use this Word document as a guide for saving your information.

Following the proposal review, the NAWTEC program committee may ask you to change your format based on available time and space. Two formats are offered: a panel and an individual presentation. Preference will be given to proposals that present information in a panel format with multiple speakers providing different perspectives on a topic to start the discussion, then include an audience engagement component. A few individual presentations may be included on the agenda.

Questions? Contact Sue Bumpous, techdivisions@swana.org or 240-494-2253 OR Ted Michaels, tmichaels@energyrecoverycouncil.org or 202-467-6240.