The Road to Zero Waste Conference 2017 - part of SWANApalooza

The Road to Zero Waste Conference

The Road to Zero Waste conference will be held March 27–30, 2017, Reno, Nevada.

Theme: The Long and Winding Road to Sustainable Materials Management

The Road to Zero Waste is not a straight one. What drives your community’s decisions on how to invest your solid waste budget, staff time and attention in deciding what to divert and where it goes, what to recycle and how to collect it, and how to educate community members to make your program successful? What does the future of the reduce-reuse-recycle hierarchy look like in your area? Your proposal should include a description of your creative ways to engage learners and enhance the learning process as well as the content you will cover.

For questions, please contact techdivisions@swana.org.

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The Road to Zero Waste