SWANApalooza 2019 Conference Attendance Justification Toolkit

As the solid waste industry grows and evolves, it’s more important than ever to prepare for the future.

SWANApalooza is the Premier Technical Gathering for Solid Waste Professionals

  • Explore environmental solutions for integrated solid waste management
  • Explore opportunities for domestic recycling, marine litter initiatives, landfill technical operations and safety best practices
  • Meet experts, government officials and top professionals from a range of industry areas
  • Gain entirely new perspectives of the future of solid waste management
  • Embrace industry progress in recycling contamination standards, single-use plastic reduction efforts and zero waste initiatives

Discover the future of solid waste and recycling at SWANApalooza, February 25–28, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts!

SWANApalooza 2019 Attendance Benefits

Many benefits from meeting attendance are hard to quantify. For example, networking is one of the most important aspects of our meeting, but it is also the toughest on which to place a value. The listing below provides detail regarding each conference activity and the benefits for each attendee.

SWANApalooza Feature Activity Your Organization’s Benefit
Environmental Opportunities and Solutions SWANApalooza offers dozens of technical sessions that meet your organization’s needs for the latest information in environmental solutions for integrated solid waste management: recycling, regulations, landfill gas collection and treatment, food recovery, landfill operations, safety and more!
Training and Certification Training courses are offered in eight areas of solid waste-specific education to become SWANA Certified in the discipline or improve your industry knowledge. Attendance also allows you to earn valuable CEUs toward recertification.
Networking Opportunities SWANApalooza provides formal and informal opportunities to meet with public sector entities, private companies and consultants to gain entirely new perspectives, embrace industry progress and discover the future of solid waste and recycling.
Leadership and Team Building SWANApalooza provides dedicated time and places for SWANA leadership to meet. SWANA’s Technical Divisions will meet throughout Monday, February 25—with many meetings open to everyone. The more active your organization is in the solid waste industry, the more relevant your participation becomes.
Compelling Keynotes SWANApalooza is bringing a keynote lineup of renowned industry leaders to discuss topics such as domestic recycling, marine litter initiatives, landfill technical operations and safety best practices.
Vendors with Products, Technologies and Solutions to Build the Future SWANApalooza features dozens of exhibitors positioned for face-to-face meetings that let you explain professional challenges and seek solutions. Experience groundbreaking products and services all in one location and time.

SWANApalooza 2019 Attendance Justification Toolkit

Hotel Info

Sheraton Boston Hotel

39 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02199

Group rate is available until February 3, 2019. To access the group block, give the group code ‘SB21AF’ and give the hotel name Sheraton Boston Hotel.