Landfill Gas & Biogas

Symposium Session 2A: Siloxanes

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
1:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location TBD

Moderator: William Song, P.E., Director of Engineering, Energyneering Solutions, Inc.

Officially Promulgated Siloxane Characterization: An End in Sight

This presentation will discuss the upcoming publication of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Method “Standard Test Method for Measurement of Volatile Silicon-Containing Compounds in a Gaseous Sample Using Gas Chromatography with Spectroscopic Detection.” Topics include a basic overview of the method, the ASTM publication and verification process, the stakeholders involved in drafting the method, and the implications for the gas-to-energy industry as a whole when the method is published in 2018.


Samantha Henningsen, Project Manager, ALS Environmental Air Quality

Samantha Henningsen

Samantha Henningsen is a project manager with the ALS Environmental Air Quality Laboratory, located in Simi Valley, California. Ms. Henningsen graduated from the University of Nevada with a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a minor in chemistry. In the laboratory, Ms. Henningsen’s primary responsibilities include playing an active role in research and development oversight, business development and client services, as well as management of various projects in the federal, commercial, and solid waste sector.

The Past, Present and Future of Siloxane Reduction Technology

This presentation looks at the history of siloxane reduction technology focusing on the early beginnings and rapid acceptance of the desiccant based air regenerated siloxane reduction system, and why it quickly became the overwhelming choice for biogas to energy projects in North America.


Brad Huxter, Exclusive Sales Agent, Willexa Energy, LLC

Brad Huxter

Brad Huxter is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in air and gas treatment, with a specialty in regenerative siloxane reduction for landfill and digester gas to energy applications. Mr. Huxter’s resumé includes several major gas compression and treatment manufacturers. He has been exclusively involved in regenerative siloxane reduction since its invention.

A Game Changer in the Siloxane World

High levels of siloxanes in landfill gas can result numerous issues in the engine, costing the engine owner time and money. The accumulation of silica deposits in the engine can result in high oil consumption, pre-ignition, abrasive wear and ultimately, increased frequency of performing top-end overhauls and piston ring/liner replacements. A lubricant solution has been developed and field tested.


Paul Mardula, Field Test Engineer, The Lubrizol Corporation

Paul Mardula

Paul Mardula is a field testing engineer for the Lubrizol Corporation, serving the application needs for passenger car and natural gas engine oils. Mr. Mardula is responsible for identifying and evaluating potential testing opportunities for these Lubrizol businesses and manages the testing programs. Mr. Mardula has worked for Lubrizol for more than 15 years (nine of that as a field test engineer) and served mostly in a technical role. Prior to Lubrizol, he worked for General Electric Transportation Systems for seven years. Mr. Mardula is a graduate of Gannon University with a Master’s degree in electrical engineering.

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