Landfill Gas & Biogas

Technologies [1 CEU]

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Plaza D

Moderator: Sara Rizk, Loci Controls, and David Hostetter, Senior Project Professional, SCS Engineers

Attendees of this session will learn about the future of technology and its application with landfills.

The Application of 3D Modeling for Landfills and Landfill Gas Systems

The presentation will provide case studies of various landfills using 3D technology and how 3D modeling has made the design, controls, and operations of the complex landfill systems more efficient for design engineers, landfill owners and operators, and contractors.

Following this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the importance 3D Modeling
  • See how 3D Modeling is applicable to landfills and LFG systems
  • Visually understand the past, present, and future of landfills


Alexander Mandeville, E.I.T., Staff Professional, SCS Engineers, Virginia

Alexander Mandeville

Alexander Mandeville’s experience includes design of landfill gas collection and methane mitigation systems, and preparation of New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) reports, greenhouse gas reports and calculations, as well as Title V reports consisting of annual compliance reports, semi-annual monitoring reports and emissions reports. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in civil, environmental and infrastructure engineering from George Mason University and is pursuing a Master’s degree.

Justin Stevenson, E.I.T., Project Professional, SCS Engineers

Justin Stevenson

Justin Stevenson is a project professional with SCS Engineers out of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, office. He is a graduate of Messiah College with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering with a mechanical concentration and is an Engineer in Training. He has spent more than four years working at SCS Engineers focusing primarily on landfill gas design and construction, as well as performing construction quality assurance.

Automated Landfill Gas Collection

This presentation will provide results from the installation of an automated landfill gas collection system at the Oklahoma City landfill. Field deployment at Oklahoma City landfill of the automated gas collection system has demonstrated a sustained increase in methane collection of 15 percent or more. We will present a demonstration of the cloud based data platform available 24/7 that allows the landfill technicians to efficiently identify and correct operational problems in the gas collection system resulting in improved operational efficiency.


Peter Britton, Corporate Gas Processing Manager, Aria Energy

Peter Britton

Peter Britton is the corporate gas processing manager for Aria Energy responsible for the management, oversight, and direction of Aria’s gas processing facilities. Mr. Britton has been involved in the landfill renewable natural gas industry since 2009 and instrumental in the expansion of Aria’s RNG portfolio from one to eight plants during the past six years. Mr. Britton came to Aria with more than 30 years of petrochemical operations experience. He has used this experience to improve existing operating performance and implement new technologies used in the processing of landfill gas into RNG.

William Bingham, Vice President, Business Development, Loci Controls

William Bingham

While finishing his undergraduate studies in biochemistry at Stanford University, William Bingham founded the country’s first medical waste company that became the recognized leader in the industry. After selling the business to Browning Ferris Industries, Mr. Bingham was given divisional responsibility to help build BFI Medical Waste Systems to national acclaim. Subsequently, he held several senior leadership roles in BFI, and after leaving the organization, became the CEO of multiple companies, including Red Sky Interactive, where he was nominated as a finalist for the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Prior to joining Loci Controls, Inc., Mr. Bingham was employed by Waste Management, Inc., where he held responsibility for all of Waste Management healthcare solutions operations in the eastern United States. Today, as vice president business development for Loci Controls, Mr. Bingham has responsibility for all sales and business development activity for the company.