Calendar Deadlines for SWANApalooza 2018

circled date on calendar

Here are the SWANApalooza 2018 calendar deadlines. Please note: these deadlines are the most common deadlines, and may be subject to change. Please refer to all other deadlines on individual matter obtained from SWANA.

Date Deadline
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August 1, 2017 Call for Proposals closes
December 20, 2017 Registration deadline for speakers
January 5, 2018 Permission to publish for speakers due (via SurveyMonkey form)
January 5, 2018 Deadline for speakers to submit videos
January 8, 2018 Early Bird registration closes
January 26, 2018 All advertising for SWANApalooza 2018 Conference program due to SWANA Marketing
February 1, 2018 Deadline for speakers to reserve a hotel room
February 1, 2018 Deadline for speakers to request audio/visual support
February 12, 2018 Deadline for speakers to submit PPT presentations
February 26, 2018 Formal paper, if any, due February 26 (Required for Landfill Gas and Biogas Symposium; optional for other conferences)