WASTECON® 2018 Highlights

WASTECON® 2018 had many great attractions. We expect WASTECON® 2019 to be even bigger and better!

Inspiring and Visionary Keynotes

New Ways to Solve Your Toughest Problems

Led by Nashville-based design firm Stoked, founder Parker Gates and and his team gave a high-energy, highly-interactive Kick-Off Keynote Session.

A Conversation with Ron Mittelstaedt, Waste Connections CEO

In an interview with SWANA CEO David Biderman, Waste Connections CEO Ron Mittelstaedt’s shares his thoughts on the waste industry and its relationship with the public sector, and how Waste Connections is responding to current challenges.

The Changing Market for Recyclable Materials

Led by moderator David Biderman, CEO and President,, SWANA, panelists Robin Wiener, President, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., and Stephen Sikra, Associate Director, Corporate Research and Development, Procter & Gamble provided an overview of new policies in place in China and discussed how these policies are affecting the present and future of recycling.

Wait, Is There a Plan for This?

WASTECON® 2018’s Lawrence Lecturer Michael Cahill summarized the transformation of solid waste management from the Garbage Barge of 1987 through today’s times, with observations on government, politics, regulators, technology, engineers, environmental activists, investment bankers, organized crime, the carting industry and the United States Supreme Court (not necessarily in that order).

A Workforce Trend You Can’t Ignore

Tom Morrison, CEO, Florida Automotive Industry Association provided the keys to researching and determining what future disruption is coming in today’s “Uber-ized” economy.

How to Use Systems Thinking to Create Order from Chaos

Natalie Nixon, Design Strategist, Author, Fellow at Paris d.School and Lecturer at The University of Pennsylvania calls intuition, pattern recognition, and improvisation components in a “chaordic system” that values structure and randomness in reaching solutions and creates order from the daily chaos.

Materials Recovery Facility Summit

SWANA and ISRI Join Forces at WASTECON® 2018

SWANA and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) presented the 2018 Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Summit, at SWANA’s WASTECON® conference.

“We have collaborated with ISRI in several areas over the past few years,” said David Biderman, SWANA’s executive director and CEO, “and this joint MRF Summit marks another significant milestone in our strong relationship.”

“This summit is the first of its kind,” said Robin Wiener, president of ISRI. “We expect to host the most spirited debates that have ever occurred in this industry.”

SWANA Safety Summit

SWANA recognizes that, in the solid waste industry safety matters! #SWANASafety That’s why we've curated a program track that focuses solely on safety.

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WASTECON 2018: General

WASTECON® 2018 Proceedings

Proceedings and Keynotes from WASTECON® 2018, August 20–23, 2018 in Nashville, TN.

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