WASTECON® 2018 5K Fun Run-Walk for Charity

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SWANA is thrilled to invite you to participate in the Third Annual SWANApalooza 5K Fun Run/Walk with proceeds supporting ISWA Scholarship Programme, an international charity.

The ISWA Scholarship Programme offers scholarships to children who have been working at trash dumps in Guatemala, including Central America’s largest landfill, La Chureca. This program has brought opportunities for the best students to advance into private school. They are provided with transportation, uniforms, gym cloths, book bags, all school books, materials, full health coverage, semi-private tutoring 3 times a weeks, 2 weekend classes of English and Sponsors.

While removing children from unregulated waste sites, the program has initiated efforts combined from sponsors. All aids lead to creating a path of direct support to the families of the children working at waste sites.

The ISWA Scholarship Programme was developed when ISWA and Timothy Bouldry, partnered up to organize and implement the program. For more information on ISWA Scholarship Programme or Timothy Bouldry and their combined efforts on-site, please visit: www.iswa.org/programmes/iswa-scholarship-programme.

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