2017 Awards Program

SWANA’s Annual Business Meeting / SWANA’s Excellence Awards / ISWA’s Awards

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
8:00 – 9:00
Ballroom I & II

All are welcome


Introduction of Special Guests

SWANA’s Annual Business Meeting

  • International Board Reports
  • FY2018 Officers
  • President’s Award
  • Dedicated Service Awards

2017 Excellence Awards, Part I

Communication, Education & Marketing Excellence
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Educational Program
  • Innovation Awards
Waste-to-Energy Excellence
  • Waste-to-Energy
Collection & Transfer Excellence
  • Transfer Station

2017 Chapter Awards

  • Largest Increase in Membership
  • Largest Percentage Increase in Total Members
  • Largest Percentage Increase in Professional Memberships

WASTECON 2017 Local Committee
SWANA’s International Solid Waste Design Competition
2017 Excellence Awards, Part II

Planning & Managment Excellence
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems
Landfill Management Excellence
  • Landfill Management
  • Landfill Redevelopment
Sustainable Materials Management Excellence
  • Recycling System
  • Composting System
  • Special Waste Management

ISWA Awards

Each year ISWA honors excellent efforts and creative ideas that increase public awareness and promotes sustainable waste management.

Video Award

The ISWA Video Award is an online short video competition based on the film genre of documentary, fiction, animation or a combination thereof.

The jury had an excellent selection of videos to assess in 2017. 34 videos were nominated from 15 different countries.

Communication Award

With this award ISWA honors excellent waste communication campaigns that increase public awareness and promote sustainable waste management. The award is open for participation for both ISWA members and non-ISWA members.

Publication Award

The ISWA Publication Award has been created with the intention of honoring the author(s) of a publication, article or book which is deemed to be exceptional in its contribution to the field of solid waste management.

Official SWANA Awards Sponsor

MSW Management