Invited Session: Resource Management and Waste Diversion

Circular Economy Approach in Oman’s Waste Management (0.5 CEU)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
8:45 – 9:15
Room 318

Moderator: Brian Guzzone, Director, Climate and Waste Projects, Pennsylvania

Oman’s approach to managing waste has witnessed tremendous transformation in recent years. The country used to have more than 380 open and uncontrolled dumpsites receiving more than 5,000 tons of municipal waste on daily basis. Healthcare waste and some of the hazardous waste generated used to end up in these dumpsites. Fires igniting in these dumpsites and major environmental issues moved the government to establish “be’ah” as a specialized waste management company in 2007. The company was given the mandate to handle waste across the country and take over from concerned municipalities and authorities. Since then, a majority of the dumpsites have been closed with the target nearly all of them by Q1 2018. Dumpsites were replaced with engineered landfills supported by transfer stations. Healthcare treatment plants were established and an integrated hazardous waste facility is to be established by 2020. Services were restructured and for the first time were outsourced to private operators. The company is now focusing on specific diversion targets of 60 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2030. With that, it is working on several recycling initiatives in addition to waste to energy and biogas projects.

By attending this presentation, participants will better be able to learn from Oman’s amazing journey of transformation. The presentation is more of a story featuring legacy issues and practices explaining how the company went about putting its strategy in place and the challenges it has faced along the road. Furthermore, the audience will have a chance to see and challenge a comprehensive integrated strategy that covers all waste streams. In addition, the presentation will feature sizable business and investment opportunities for interested industry players.


Mohammed Al-Harthy, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, Oman Environmental Services Holding Company “be’ah”

Mohammed Al-Harthy

Sh. Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Harthy is the executive vice president for strategic development at Oman Environmental Services Holding Company “be’ah”. He is responsible in setting out be’ah’s strategic direction, enhancing corporate performance, maintaining and improving public relations, and developing a sustainable business model for the different waste streams. The company adheres to a sustainable framework that is derived in principle from the concepts of waste management hierarchy and circular economy. Sh. Mohammed holds a Master’s degree in business administration with concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship, a Master’s degree in computer engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Prior to joining be’ah, Sh. Mohammed held several leading roles at organizations including Shell Oman Marketing and Omania E-Commerce.