Invited Session: Energy Recovery

Feasibility Study for Zacatecas Landfill Gas Pilot Project, Mexico (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
14:45 – 15:15
Room 320

Moderator: Håkan Rylander, Managing Director, H Rylander Management AB, and Fundraiser, ISWA Marine Litter Task Force, and former President of ISWA (1996–98), Sweden

Sponsored by a generous grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), this feasibility study successfully assessed the technological, socioeconomic and financing viabilities as well as the best suitable and available alternatives of the proposed landfill gas recovery and utilization pilot project in the Municipality of Zacatecas, Mexico, including a preliminary conceptual design and technical configurations. The study also analyzed and thoroughly evaluated the related environmental and developmental impacts, regulatory and tariff requirements, implementation and procurement procedures, and perspective U.S. sources of supply in details. The study further identified the funding sources that may support and/or help finance the investment as necessary to the proposed Landfill Gas Pilot Project, along with the specific terms, conditions, restraints and requirements. The findings and recommendations of this study, in various technical/management, economic/financing and regulatory/implementation aspects, have been reviewed and approved by the USTDA and Gobierno Municipal de Zacatecas (the grantee), which will help reduce the landfill methane emission from the proposed project site, produce renewable power from the recovered landfill gas, and potentially be applicable to thousands of similar small-medium size, partially or non- controlled landfill/dump sites in Mexico and Latin America, as well as across the developing world.

By attending this presentation, participants will better be able to understand, examine and/or discuss the conditions, requirements, procedures, issues and lessons learned when involving in the development of landfill gas projects in Mexico or other developing countries in Latin America and across the world, in comparison to the similar past project experience. Aspects to be evaluated and discussed include but may not be limited to the relevant landfill gas recovery and utilization technologies, energy and CER potentials, socioeconomic and financial analyses, regulatory and tariff reviews, environmental and developmental impact assessments, implementation and financing plans, and the U.S. sources of supply.


Hong Sima, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Project Manager, EarthRes Group, Pennsylvania

Hong Sima

Hong Sima, Ph.D., P.E., has more than 25 years of project experience in environmental and sustainable development fields including air pollution and greenhouse gas control, water and wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste management, low carbon clean technologies, industrial pollution prevention, renewable energy, and environmental applications of biotechnologies. He has managed successfully and/or implemented feasibility studies, research and development programs, and technical assistance projects funded by USTDA, U.S. EPA and USACE as well as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other U.S. or international agencies across the United States, as well as Asia, Middle East and Latin America.