Invited Session: Resource Management & Waste Diversion

Get Out of The Rut: Next Steps for High Achievers (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
14:45 – 15:15
Room 318

Moderator: James Moore, Northwest Region Compliance Manager and Learning Management System Administrator, SCS Engineers, California

Diversion rates are stagnating for a many of the early leaders in recycling and composting. What can be done next? For clients including leading communities in the Northwest, West, Midwest, Northeast, and Canada, we explored the characteristics of more than 30 potential residential strategies being used across North America that could help improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of collection programs and other strategies, and open up budgets for adding additional materials and zero waste initiatives for mature, stagnating communities. This presentation covers residential and commercial programs and policies, and summarizes the analysis and the suitability of the strategies for “leading” communities trying to increase diversion and/or free up funds to capture “next streams”.

Following the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Examine programs and strategies from North America
  • Compare options for collection vs. cost-effectiveness
  • Choose best programs suitable for your community


Lisa Skumatz, Principal, SERA Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc.

Lisa Skumatz

Lisa Skumatz is an economist with 36 years in solid waste research. She has conducted solid waste program and policy research around the nation, and published more than 100 articles on trash, recycling, organics, and reduction strategies. Ms. Skumatz is known for her quantitative analysis expertise and she focuses on research that helps inform program decision-making by communities, states, and haulers. Ms. Skumatz has spoken at more than 100 conferences, and keynoted at conferences in both the U.S. and internationally.