Invited Session: Closing Dumpsites

Inclusive Recycling: Can Hiring Organized Waste Pickers be Good? (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
16:15 – 16:45
Room 323

Moderator: Nathalia Lima, Environmental Engineer, Giral Viveiro de Projetos, Brazil

There is an ongoing movement that strives for including marginalized groups of people within formal employment. One group consists of waste pickers who try to survive from collecting waste from dumpsites or urban streets, selecting materials which have market value and selling them to the recycling market, a global exchange of secondary materials. In many places, the government or international organizations do not recognize these groups nor regulate this market. Many scholars have proven the impacts (economic, social and environmental) from these activities and it has been difficult to formalize these groups of people in many places. Giral is a consulting firm that works to integrate different stakeholders and come up with a solution for diverse challenges. We propose to facilitate a debate about including waste pickers in formal solid waste management with two stakeholders, one in favor of inclusion and one not, debating on these topics:

  • What would inclusion be? How can it be done?
  • What would social, economic, environmental and reputational benefits be for public and private sectors?
  • What are the great barriers?
  • What are the roles of public sector, private sector, waste pickers and society in the inclusion?

Following this presentation, participants will be able to evaluate benefits and risks from waste pickers integration in formal waste management.


Anne Scheinberg, Global Recycling Specialist, Springloop Coöperative U.A., The Netherlands

Anne Scheinberg

Anne Scheinberg has 35 years of international experience as a waste management and recycling specialist. Ms. Scheinberg Co-founded the New Jersey Recycling Association in 1984 and has written 35 or more recycling and solid waste plans in the Northeastern U.S., including the 1985 Tompkins County NY Recycling and Solid Waste Plan, updated in 2012. A dual citizen of USA and Netherlands, she consults to national governments, local authorities and global producers. She moved to the Netherlands in 2002 after living in Finland, Honduras, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Ms. Scheinberg planned and developed solid waste systems in Latin America, Africa and Asia for 15 years as team leader at WASTE Netherlands, and since 2011 in the internationally focused Springloop Cooperative. After authoring the Botswana Recycling Guidelines in 2012, she has focused mainly on solid waste and integrating the informal recycling sector in emerging economies, including creating the Global Recycling Information Platform. Ms. Scheinberg and several of her co-members of the Springloop Cooperative LLC have co-financed and organized meetings of European Roma informal recyclers since 2012.