Invited Session: Closing Dumpsites

Landfill Mining Demonstration Project at Skaarup Landfill, Denmark (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
14:15 – 15:15
Room 323

Moderator: Robin Ennis, Chief, Collections Section, Division of Solid Waste Services, Montgomery County, Maryland

In 2016, the Danish EPA co-funded a landfill mining project at Skaarup Landfill, Renosyd (Denmark). The project was characterized as a demonstration project, and the aim was to excavate 5,000 tonnes of waste from the period 1979–1981, consisting of household waste, slaggs, construction and demolition material and domestic waste from both the private and public sector. The aim of the project was to examine the technical, economic and environmental benefits by doing excavation of waste and sorting previously landfilled material. The goal is to develop and implement an application-oriented tool to plan, select and implement future landfill mining projects at different types of landfills in Denmark and abroad. Before excavation, we test and use non-invasive screening techniques, a combination of georadar (GPR) or tracer-analyzes to get a three-dimensional picture of inside the landfill. We expect the method can give valuable input about the content of the waste composition inside landfills and be used as a method in the future to find new locations with high content of recyclables. We will develop a business model, to see how different aspects influence the economic and social benefits of landfill mining.

By attending this presentation, the audience will know about the benefits and barriers to landfill mining and also learn about the economics of landfill mining—both from this project but also from Danish experiences with landfill mining.


René Møller Rosendal, Partner, Danish Waste Solutions ApS, Denmark

Rene Rosendal

René Rosendal is a partner in the consultancy company Danish Waste Solutions ApS, which is an independent consulting company offering expert services within the management of waste and resources with particular emphasis on environmental aspects. He has been working as a waste professional for 14 years both in the public and the private waste sector. He has years of experience within the public waste sector in Denmark and consultancy and management and performance of R&D projects for industry, waste management companies and public authorities, mainly working with landfilling of waste, landfill mining contaminated soil and reuse of aggregates and C&D waste. He participates in a number of networks and organizations and is a member of EURELCO, IWWG, DAKOFA and ISWA as the national representative in the Working Group on Landfill. Mr. Rosendal holds a Master’s degree in geography and technology and science (TEK-SAM) from the University of Roskilde, Denmark.