Invited Session: Smart Technologies

Macroencapsulation as a Means to Increase Capacity and Reuse Materials (0.5 CEU)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
17:00 – 17:30
Room 321

Moderator: Jacobo Moreno, Head of Environmental New Technology, Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales, Spain

Macroencapsulation is an innovative adaptation of the mechanically stabilized earthen berm (MSE) concept used at several landfills, increasing safety and capacity while reducing costs. Stability and safety of berms may be compromised by the introduction of liquids that may result in an increase in pore pressures and failure due to liquefaction. Alternative berm construction eliminates the potential of moisture infiltration and offers long-term safety. The technique discussed uses macroencapsulation—berms with a geomembrane envelope that completely encapsulates the fill material. Traditional MSE berms may rely upon the procurement, transport, placement and compaction of fill utilized in construction. Instead, macroencapsulation utilizes revenue-generating beneficial reuse materials. This increases slope stability, offers expansion of capacity with limited or no increase in regulatory footprint, promotes the use and recycling of materials, reduces the cost and timing of permitting/construction and reduces overall landfill cost per unit capacity. Additionally, effective closure of abandoned waste units ranging from Coal Combustion Residuals to Municipal Solid Waste can be accomplished using macroencapsulation. The technology has provided static liquefaction management during some of nature’s worst events, including an earthquake and the direct-hit of a hurricane. The presentation will address the use of encapsulation technology, and several case studies illustrating its implementation.

Following the presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Significantly increase capacity within the existing facility footprint, while simultaneously improving slope stability and safety
  • Maximize the use of available facility property where lateral expansion is infeasible, while simultaneously reducing the overall facility cost per unit capacity disposal
  • Maximize the use of revenue-generating beneficial use materials (BUM), or create new revenue markets/maximize recycling—beneficial use of non-traditional materials (This will offset the costs of valuable expansion/construction)


Jeff Crate, P.G., President, Waste Resource Services, LLC, Virginia

Jeff Crate

Jeff Crate is a practicing environmental engineer and geologist who has specialized in the management of industrial and municipal waste for 38 years and has worked in 11 states and abroad, serving more than 150 different facility owners on a wide variety of waste management projects. He served as vice president and managing principal/partner for a regional civil and environmental engineering firm for more than 30 years before retiring from the firm and subsequently founding Waste Resource Services, LLC, in 2015. Waste Resource Services, LLC, specializes in consulting and the application of selective and proven technologies to the waste management industry, particularly the use of beneficial use materials to improve landfill capacity and safety and leachate disposal. Mr. Crate has served as Board member and committee chair for the Virginia SWANA Chapter, Board member and chairman of the Virginia Waste Industries Association (National Waste & Recycling Association), and Board member and president of the SV Solid Waste Management Association. Mr. Crate has been awarded the NW&RA National Governor’s Special Award for leadership and service in the field. In 2014, he was appointed by the governor of Virginia to serve on the Virginia Waste Management Board.

John Swenson, Managing Partner, EnCAP-IT, Virginia

John Swenson

During his twenty-two year career in the industry John Swenson has learned all facets of nonhazardous solid waste management at Republic Services, Laidlaw Waste Systems, Capital Environmental Services, Casella Waste Systems, Winter Bros. Waste Systems, Enviro Solutions and Waste Associates. He held positions such as market controller, corporate controller, vice president of operations, director of financial reporting and chief financial officer. Seven years ago Mr. Swenson put his broad knowledge of waste and business management to work to assist his friend, Carlton Dudding, in launching Advanced Wall Technologies (EnCAP-IT). Since then Mr. Swenson has seized the opportunity to become a leader in responsible environmental stewardship by promoting EnCAP-IT’s patented technological innovations to help the waste and power industries and others adopt methods for more efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective nonhazardous waste disposal, and responsible reuse. During this time Mr. Swenson has provided many presentations, visited many facilities and designed (patented) many safeBERM® solutions utilizing Macroencapsulation methods to meet the increasing environmental stewardship difficulties.