Invited Session: Smart Technologies

Meaningful Convergence of Smart City Solutions and Core City Services (0.5 CEU)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
8:00 – 8:30
Room 321

Moderator: Karl Vrancken, Professor of Waste Management, University of Antwerp, and Research Manager, Sustainable Materials, VITO, Belgium

How do Smart City platforms deliver the greatest impact on a municipality and its constituents? The answer converges on understanding how to solve real city problems in smarter, scalable ways with innovative, smart technology platforms. This case study details a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform and the data associated that has transformed public space waste management and has continued to evolve it to support of the growing needs of a Smart City today and tomorrow. Solar-powered trash compactors are merely the physical foundation acting as a catalyst of change to transform the least efficient and resource-intensive city service: public space waste. Smart Cities are learning how to measure and record performance of data-driven core city services to gain insights and make informed decisions for tomorrow. They are using data from a smart system to enhance public waste operation productivity and sustainability. This session steps outside the comfort zone to understand and embrace the change required with a Smart City Solution which resides exactly “where the people are” and has the ability to do and offer more tomorrow than it can today.

By attending this presentation, participants will better be able to examine thoughtfully the real challenges faced in their public spaces as they relate to waste and recycling operations and the opportunities to improve the quality of life for constituents, optimize operations, and lessen the environmental impact by use of smart, connected technology for data-driven waste management. Participants will be able to plan and strategize how to best leverage Smart City solutions and technologies that are available today and have the capability to do even more for the smarter cities of the future.


Leila Dillon, Vice President, Global Marketing & NA Distribution, BigBelly, Massachusetts

Leila Dillon

Leila Dillon leads the North American channel sales and global marketing organizations responsible for driving channel focus, growth, and accountability along with the brand’s global campaigns and communication. She brings more than 20 years of experience tech startups focusing on marketing, business development, product strategy, and investor relations. She has lead initiatives at tech, mobile, and media companies that pioneered market innovation including OpenMobile, Bandwiz, ServiceSoft, SoftLock and others.