Curated Session: Resource Management and Waste Diversion

Needles in the Bin: American and International Perspectives (1 CEU)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
9:00 – 10:00
Room 308

Moderator: Edward Krisiunas, Owner, WNWN International, Connecticut

Participants will be able to discuss how healthcare waste being generated in the home is managed in different parts of the world. How does this impact the safety of sanitation/waste and recycling workers? Different countries have different extended producer responsibility (EPR) expectations or requirements. This may change the way the waste is managed accordingly. Join this dynamic session to learn how EPR efforts can enhance the safety of your workers today!


Dr. Anne Woolridge, FCIWM, DGSA, FHEA, Chair of the ISWA Healthcare Waste Working Group, Independent Safety Services, Ltd., United Kingdom

Anne Woolridge

Anne Woolridge is the Chair of the ISWA Healthcare Waste Working Group and a Member of the UK International Solid Waste Association National Committee. She also is the Vice Chair of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management Healthcare Wastes Special Interest Group. She has a Master’s degree in environmental management with a focus on healthcare wastes and a Ph.D. degree in developing sustainable management for healthcare waste. She is a Chartered Waste Manager, a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and also recognised by ISWA as an International Waste Manager. Dr. Woolridge has a wealth of technical knowledge built over the last 16 years. As the Technical Director of ISSL, she has practical experience of healthcare waste management and waste treatment processes at all levels and in settings including research establishments and acute, primary and tertiary care in both the public and private sectors.

Selin Hoboy, Corporate Vice President, Legislative and Government Affairs, Stericycle, Inc.

Selin Hoboy

Selin Hoboy is responsible for managing legislative affairs, compliance and safety for the Healthcare Compliance Solutions teams in the U.S. and Canada. Ms. Hoboy is responsible for the Environmental Quality and Safety and Health Teams, overseeing a team of 54 environmental and safety professionals. She and her team are responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal, state and local regulations (including U.S. EPA, DOT, OSHA and DEA) and managing the on-the-job safety of our team members. In her 16 years with Stericycle, Ms. Hoboy has built building strategic objectives and action plans as well as key performance indicators and monitoring goals to ensure compliance as Stericycle expanded its services and geographic footprint. Ms. Hoboy leverages expertise and relationships with regulatory agencies within the states as well as federal EPA, DOT, OSHA and DEA to drive initiatives, most recently identifying proper methods for packaging and transportation of Category A wastes to address the Ebola issue in the U.S. During her tenure at Stericycle, Ms. Hoboy has supported the waste industry as a member of the Healthcare Waste Institute, where she served as vice chairman since 2010. She was the 2013 recipient of the NSWMA Distinguished Service Award, an award given to an elite group of individuals who have had a significant impact on the solid waste industry over time. Prior to joining Stericycle, Ms. Hoboy established her ESH expertise with Weston Solutions, Inc. (an environmental consulting company) and Optima Batteries (manufacturer). She has a Bachelor’s degree in environmental resource management from Penn State University.

Beatrice Giordani, Vice-Chair of the ISWA Healthcare Waste Working Group; International Relations Manager, Newster Technologies, Newster System SRL, Italy

Beatrice Giordani

Beatrice Giordani has worked in Newster Group in Italy and in San Marino, her native country, since 2005. Newster System Srl is involved in the production and servicing of technology and sustainable solutions for the treatment of solid and liquid healthcare waste. Throughout the years she has been committed in project and tender management. Now as Head of the International Relations Office, she promotes and runs international initiatives on topics regarding healthcare waste management. Throughout her working career she has attended specific training courses, at several levels, strengthening her knowledge on healthcare waste related topics. The experience carried out in a political office in the Ministry of Education, Culture, University, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of San Marino has extended her skills on raising awareness among legislators and institutions on HCW management and correlated issues. She cooperates in Working Groups of Italian and Sammarinese Entrepreneurs’ Organizations, involving waste and environmental issues. Ms. Giordani has been an ISWA member for seven years and holds the position of Vice Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste since 2014.

Constance Hornig, Attorney, Constance Hornig Law Offices, California

Constance Hornig

Constance Hornig is an attorney who represents exclusively public entities and NGOs on municipal solid waste management matters, including procurements. Projects range from Kodiak, Alaska, in the west to Azerbaijan and Abu Dhabi in the east, and the small city of McFarland, California (pop. 12,000) to the large Los Angeles County (10+ million). As a Board member of the National Stewardship Action Counsel, she closely has watched development of EPR programs for pharmaceuticals and sharps in Chicago, Washington and California, and drafted a suggested template (ordinance and resolution) to establish them. She also is the legal representative to SWANA’s International Board and sit on its Executive Committee.