Lunch Keynote:

Flying “Sparcs” and “Ugly Foods” (1 CEU)

Monday, September 25
12:45 – 14:00
Ballroom I & II

In response to this global food waste crisis, we are making a commitment to mitigate organic waste destined for a landfill. We’ve asked the caterer to design a beautiful lunch using Sparcs (that’s scraps spelled backwards) which are trims, tops and peelings and other “ugly foods” During the luncheon our keynote speaker will share more information on how the produce industry is reducing its waste. In addition a guest Chef will take the stage to talk about the success of the food waste reduction programs in restaurants while providing a cooking demonstration.


Thomas McQuillan, Director of Food Service Sales and Sustainability, Baldor Foods, New York

Thomas McQuillan

Thomas McQuillan is a director of food sales and sustainability for Baldor Specialty Foods, and has led the company’s efforts to become more sustainable while also cutting costs. Mr. McQuillan has introduced several initiatives to use the 10,000 pounds of food scraps created by the company every day. Prior to Mr. McQuillan joining Baldor, food waste was picked up by its waste hauler, but today they use these scraps to generate income, unlock valuable nutrients, compost organic waste and feed the hungry. Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Mr. McQuillan about the company’s efforts to divert food scraps from landfill and ensure that the hard work of farmers, producers and processors does not go to waste. See Baldor Food’s online interview with Thomas McQuillan >>

David Mawhinney, Chef, Haven’s Kitchen, New York

David Mawhinney

David Mawhinney made the leap from the financial to the gastronomic after several post-university years at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Beginning at some of the great restaurants of Toronto, Mr. Mawhinney continued on to work under and then with Chef Chris McDonald, one of Canada’s most respected chefs. In 2007, he moved to New York and staged at various fine-dining establishments, before ending up at Thomas Keller’s Per Se for three years. Mr. Mawhinney circulated through every kitchen station, going on to help Chef Benno open Lincoln Ristorante. Mr. Mawhinney moved on to consult with the team behind Wilfe & Nell to open The Wren and The Penrose, while intermittently popping in to teach a Rose & Grilling classes at Haven’s Kitchen. He returned to Haven’s Kitchen full-time as the chef, overseeing all food operations for the space as well as the curriculum for the school.