Invited Session: Resource Management & Waste Diversion

Tackling Fashion Waste (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
15:30 – 16:00
Room 318

Moderator: Victoria O. Johnson, Director, City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services, North Carolina

Interesting discussions happen when everyone is at the table. Through the Leverage Lab, a multi-stakeholder group of local government, textiles collection charities, haulers, apparel brands, apparel recyclers, fashion industry experts, and textiles graders and sorters, Metro Vancouver researched the feasibility of a regional textiles disposal ban. The result of the leverage lab is a detailed white paper which explains the local collection of textiles, the stake of international resale markets, the global recycling options, the barriers to recycling apparel and the business opportunities to make the fashion industry more circular.


Karen Storry, Senior Project Engineer, Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Services, Canada

Karen Storry

As part of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste implementation team, Karen Storry works collaboratively with member municipalities business to find innovative ways to reduce waste. Her passion for waste reduction has found her working on various waste challenges in need of new exciting solutions. Some highlight projects include requiring space for recycling in new buildings, helping apartment dwellers get over the “yuck factor” for organics recycling, the technical and economic feasibility study for making particle board out of wood waste, case studies for new circular business models that reduce waste and contributing to the circular economy toolkit for business, which is available on the National Zero Waste Council website.