Invited Session: Resource Management & Waste Diversion

Thinking Outside of the Bin the Wearable Collections Way (0.5 CEU)

Monday, September 25, 2017
14:00 – 14:30
Room 318

Moderator: Steve Claus, EPR Consultant, Belgium

I’ll tell the story of my company, Wearable Collections, which I founded with my good friends in 2004. Wearable Collections began as a project to raise funds for spinal cord injury research, a cause near and dear to our hearts when my partner was paralyzed after being hit by a car. We came up with a local solution in a very big locale, New York City. By placing clothing collection bins inside of residential buildings, we provided residents with a convenient option to tossing them in the garbage. The company’s strength has been its ability to develop grassroots relationships and understanding the communities we serve. By injecting a bit of technology with some marketing know-how, we have been able to sustain this business against for-profits in this space, a difficulty commodity market, and navigating a city that comes with logistical nightmares. Wearable Collections’ impact is much larger than the amount of clothing, textiles and shoes it collects. By remaining lean and flexible, we continue to run campaigns that educate and bring transparency that have been emulated by not only clothing collectors, but other materials as well. Our non-traditional approach will inspire.


Adam Baruchowitz, Founder and CEO, Wearable Collections

Adam Baruchowitz

Adam Baruchowitz spent the first stage of his career as a day trader and running a day trader firm. His life was changed when his partner was hit by a car and left paralyzed. He then founded Wearable Collections as a project to raise both money and awareness for spinal cord injury research. What started as a project in 2004, by placing large clothing recycling bins inside of residential buildings, turned into a mandate. Wearable Collections has since led the way in creating innovative hubs of clothing, shoes and textile collections in the New York City metro area. Since its inception, Wearable Collections has diverted nearly 15 million pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills, and its programs have led to greater adoption of convenient recycling, which has had a tremendous impact on New York City.