Invited Session: Waste Management Challenges

Waste Recovery and Valorization, Recyclers, Sustainability, Developing Countries, Wastepickers, Colombia

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
17:00 – 17:30
Room 318

Moderator: Daniel Butturini, Principal, Sterner Consulting, New Jersey

The presentation covers a model for implementing a material recycling facility in cities of developing countries, with more than one million of people, for waste recovery and valorization along with an inclusive management system. The model implies the work with recyclers or wastepickers, private companies and public institutions, for the urban solid wastes management (domiciliary waste) and the generation of a new value chains for the materials recovery. The model will provide an efficient operation, with the inclusion of the sustainability and circular economy concepts and the developing countries conditions and restrictions.

By attending this session, participants will better be able to understand the situation of the urban waste management in developing countries, the limitations and the possibilities for a sustainability/circular economy framework.


José Alejandro Martínez, Director, Sustainability Department, Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship-EAN University, Columbia

Jose Martinez

José Alejandro Martínez has a Master’s degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering and is a doctorate student of strategic management. He has a passion for sustainability and solid waste management. He is an associate professor and researcher in the Universidad EAN (Colombia).