Special Event

Jam Session: Bonus

Monday, August 21, 2018
4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Outside Delta Ballroom A and right around the corner from WASTECON® registration

This bonus Jam Session gets you into the rhythm of WASTECON®, when speakers will stick around after their formal presentations to continue the conversation.

Session 1. Circular Economy 101: Singing the CE Refrain (1 CEU)

This “Jam Session” allows you to learn more about the circular economy concept and why it is important to municipalities and businesses. Before coming to the session, watch our video that provides an overview, using a diagram that shows building blocks of a circular economy, and outlines different schools of thought on circular economy benefits. Come to the onsite session prepared with your questions.

Session 2. Leading the Band: Teaching, Learning, Sharing and Mentoring Future Solid Waste Leaders (1 CEU)

Succession planning and mentoring is key to the successful growth of any industry. Recruiting and training new solid waste professionals to fill key roles ensures that your organization will continue to prosper in spite of changes in your projects, the economy or environmental regulations. This discussion is about how, as leaders of our industry, we recruit employees, develop their knowledge, skills and abilities, and prepare them to advance into ever more challenging roles. We'll cover the topics of career paths, retention of staff, key learning opportunities through successful project interaction, and identifying opportunities for young staff to grow.