Concurrent Education Session

Sample Good Ideas to Create Your Own Circular Economy Policy and Strategy (1 CEU)

Tuesday, August 21
3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Delta C

In this session, representatives from companies and countries showcase their successful circular policies and strategies. You can use their examples to get started or enhance your own CE efforts. If we want to avoid the loss of resources, everyone in the global marketplace will need to commit to the idea that a waste product from one industry can provide a feedstock for another. Start practicing your strategy today to help keep valuable materials out of a landfill.

Who should attend: Local, state/regional and national policy makers who are interested in circular policy. Companies searching for opportunities to develop and sell circular products.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Be able to craft a policy creating a circular economy
  • Learn about local and regional/state authorities with instruments to push a circular economy forward
  • Understand that circular products are not impossible and sometimes even simple
  • Be able to explain to others how a circular economy creates many new market opportunities and eventually will solve some serious global social and environment issues


Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director, National Stewardship Action Council

Heidi Sanborn

Heidi Sanborn has been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years. Working to reduce waste, improve product design and recyclability, implement cost-effective projects and policies which protect health and the environment. Ms. Sanborn’s collaborative, tenacious problem-solving approach has delivered unprecedented success in developing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) public policy at national, state and local levels. Ms. Sanborn speaks throughout the world to raise awareness about product stewardship. She has been published frequently on the topic and been featured on National Public Radio and in the Wall Street Journal. Ms. Sanborn has become a nationally recognized thought leader and driver for innovative product stewardship programs across the country.

Martin van Nieuwenhoven, Coordinator Waste Policy & International Cooperation, Rijkswaterstaat—Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Martin van Nieuwenhoven

Martin van Nieuwenhoven is working for the Dutch government as a senior policy advisor for waste and resource management. Until 2010 he prepared policy decisions made by the Waste Management Council, representing local, regional and national governments. Now, he is contributing to reach a zero waste society, in executing the Dutch policy program &ldqo;Towards a circular Economy in 2050”. Early this year, after an intensive consultation with many private and public stakeholders in five priority sectors, transitions action plans were presented—including one for “food and biomass”. But to make this work nationally, an international cooperation is very much needed. Mr. van Nieuwenhoven is involved in several international projects to collaborate with other countries to reach a circular economy.

Eric Nelson, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Interface Americas

Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson rejoined Interface in 2006 as Vice President of Strategic Alliances, and took over a new and important business for Interface called ReEntry 2.0—Interface’s closed loop process that recycles carpet yarn and backing. Interface has developed technology to harvest the valuable materials from old carpet and re-inserts them back into its new products, thus “closing the loop” in the production process. ReEntry 2.0 is a large and important step towards Interface’s Mission Zero, or the company’s promise to eliminate any negative impact on the environment by 2020. Mr. Nelson also serves the industry as a member of the CARE Board of Directors and sits on the CA Stewardship Planning Committee that oversees the implementation of the California product stewardship program. He also serves on the recently created multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee in CA, and is a member of the NSF-140 Joint-Committee, which maintains the industry’s sustainability product standard. Mr. Nelson was voted CARE’s person of the year in 2010. He has 27 years of experience in the fibers and carpet manufacturing industries. He joined Interface Americas from Solutia, Inc., where he served as Director of Sales for Carpet Fibers for eight years. Prior to that, Mr. Nelson served as Director of Product Development from 1995 to 1998 with Interface subsidiary Prince Street Technologies in Cartersville, GA, and started his career with Shaw Industries in 1991 in commercial product development. Mr. Nelson earned a bachelor‘s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1991.