How to Obtain Your Continuing Education Units at WASTECON® 2018

SWANA Events are going paperless! This year, we will collect Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the official WASTECON® App.

Your Badge

The WASTECON® App keeps a virtual badge for each attendee. It is located in the “More” Section of the App (its icon is a hamburger menu.)

Screenshot of WASTECON app

The badge will display the name of the event (WASTECON 2018), your first and last name and a scannable QR code. The code contains your Unique ID (which is also displayed at the bottom of the screen). Once you click “My Badge”, your virtual badge will build immediately.

Screenshot of WASTECON app

Note: Your device must be connected to Wi-Fi or have another network connection in order for the badge to generate. Once generated, if you lose connection the badge will be cached and will load in the app in offline mode.

Registering for a Session

one phone scanning another

Every WASTECON® 2018 session that has CEUs will also have a proctor at the entrance. The proctor will scan your Badge and SWANA will then have a record of your attendance at that session.


Some large sessions may have several proctors. If you get scanned twice by two different proctors, you will still only collect one set of CEUs for that session. Proctors are unable to check if your badge has been scanned previously on his/her—or anyone else’s scanning device. Ensuring your badge being scanned is your personal responsibility.

If something happens where you failed to get your badge scanned, please notify a proctor right away to make other arrangements for collecting your CEUs.