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Facing the Music: Are We All Listening to Different Tunes? [Part 1] (2 CEUs)

Dialogue Sessions with Brand-Owners, Municipalities, MRF Professionals and End Users

Wednesday, August 22
9:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Delta B

Moderator: Robin Wiener, President, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

There are challenges faced up and down the recycling stream. Environmentally-conscious brands want (need) to be fully recyclable which holding down material and design costs. Municipalities are eager to please taxpayers with effective and affordable recycling programs. MRF professionals are eager to improve access to materials and meet contract expectations, reduce contamination, improve product quality, and remain profitable. And end-users are eager to raise the quality and consistency of recycled commodities they purchase. Where do we draw the line between wishful recycling and reality?

In breakout sessions, groups of brand-owners, municipalities, MRF professionals and end-users will “face the music” together as we look at challenges from each other’s perspectives and, perhaps, propose innovative solutions.

Open to all MRF Summit and WASTECON® attendees.

Breakout 1: Upfront Solutions

Room Delta B

Moderators: Maite Quinn, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Sims Municipal Recycling
Marty Seaman, Principal and Executive Vice President Business Development, RRS

Creating product packaging that is recyclable given today’s common recycling processes

Breakout 2: Policy Solutions

Room Canal CD

Moderators: Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director, Waste Management
Mitch Kessler, Principal, Kessler Consulting

Reconciling Public and Policy Demands—balancing political demands to avoid landfilling with customer demand for higher product quality

Breakout 3: Operational Solutions

Room Canal AB

Moderators: Michael Timpane, Vice President, Resource Recycling Systems
Nathiel “Nat” Egosi, President, RRT Design and Construction

Reconciling an increasing need for quality input material, the processing demand, and the end-user requirements for increased output quality while remaining profitable and sustainable

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