WASTECON® 2019 Conference Attendee Justification Toolkit

As the solid waste industry grows and evolves, it’s more important than ever to grab opportunities that offer the most convenient and economical means to advance your career and ensure your company’s success.

WASTECON® Is the Premier Solid Waste Industry Event

Attending WASTECON® 2019 gives attendees access to:

  • The highest level of continuing education that helps you to achieve career goals and to increase your industry knowledge
  • The latest in products, trends and technologies
  • Networking opportunities to exchange ideas and build a professional support group

SWANA knows it can be a challenge to justify the expense for attending WASTECON®, regardless of the merits. In response to this need, we developed resources to help you justify the investment to your organization. We also present other resources to consider in requesting financial support.

WASTECON® Conference Attendance Benefits

Many benefits from meeting attendance are hard to quantify. For example, networking is one of the most important aspects of our meeting, but it is also the toughest on which to place a value. The listing below provides detail regarding each conference activity and the benefits for each attendee.

WASTECON® Feature Activity Your Organization’s Benefit
Industry Insight and Best Practices WASTECON® offers dozens of technical sessions that meet your organization’s needs for the latest information in many interest areas: safety, international waste topics, waste management challenges and more!
Training Certification Courses: Become SWANA Certified or Earn CEUs for Certification Renewals Training courses are offered in eight areas of solid waste-specific education to become SWANA Certified in the discipline OR earn valuable CEUs toward recertification OR improve your industry knowledge. Attendance also allows you to earn valuable CEUs toward recertification.
Networking Opportunities WASTECON® helps you network with other professionals and vendors in the industry. Be in-the-know about the latest products, technologies, safety issues and processes that apply to your day-to-day work. Experience opportunities to share and learn from the experiences of others industry best practices and helpful insight.
Team Building WASTECON® provides dedicated time and a forum for colleagues to talk about how to apply what you’re learning back at the office or solid waste site. The more staff you send to WASTECON®, the more relevant this aspect becomes.
The Latest Research From technical sessions to poster presentations, WASTECON® curates compelling research into the industry’s frontline topics, providing unprecedented insight into solid waste frontiers.
Vendors With Products, Technologies and Solutions You Need for Business Success WASTECON® features dozens of exhibitors positioned for face-to-face meetings that let you explain professional challenges and seek solutions. Experience groundbreaking products and services all in one location and time.

WASTECON® 2019 Attendance Justification Toolkit Downloads

Ruble Truck Sales
Harris Equipment
SSI Shredding Systems
Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.
TBI Roll-off Covers

Photo Policy

By attending this event, I consent to the use of my image or likeness in video, photos and/or any other type of media/public relations materials and activities.