SWANA Mid-Atlantic Chapter

SWANA, in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic SWANA Chapter, is proud to host the ISWA World Congress & WASTECON® 2017 Conference at the Baltimore Convention Center, a venue successful at keeping its environmental impact at a minimum.

Waste & Recycling

Republic Services

Republic Services currently provides waste and recycling collection services for the convention center. Dumpsters will be emptied before and after the event to best capture a comprehensive picture of what and how much was recycled.

Food Waste

Waste Neutral

Waste Neutral handles the food wastes/organics composting, which is transported and processed at the Prince George’s County Organics Compost Facility (PGCOCF) in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

PGCOCF has been operated by Maryland Environmental Services as a yard waste composting facility for more than 25 years using an open windrow composting of yard trim and a GORE cover system for food organics, respectively. Approximately 35,000 to 45,000 tons of yard trim and 8,000 tons of food organics each year are made into a compost material marketed to the public under the brand names Leafgro® and Leafgro Gold®.


Clear Stream Recycling Systems

Through Clear Stream Recycling, extra food waste/organic containers are on hand to supplement the center’s supply for both trash and single stream recycling. The Baltimore Convention Center will use new bins for waste and recycling.

Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, cardboard, pallets, paper, and cooking oil used at the Baltimore Convention Center are recycled. To assist in capturing attendee generated recyclable materials, the WASTECON recycling committee is providing 25 diversion corrals (DCs) There will be approximately 16 DCs in the exhibit hall (including two outside in the Charles Street lobby), two on the 300 level and three in the ballroom. Extra corrals will be established as needed.

Bulky cardboard and other recyclable materials from exhibitor set-up will be collected and recycled.

Following the Monday night Welcome Reception in the exhibit hall, and the Tuesday Night Networking Gala at Camden Yards, catering staff will direct unused food to food banks.

Paper Products

The Baltimore Convention Center uses a line of biodegradable, disposable serviceware products. Also, paper towels and tissues are 100% recycled material.


Green Seal-certified cleaning products are used throughout the facility.


Catering uses local produce as well as milk, cheese, and yogurt from a local organic dairy farm.

Energy Savings

The Baltimore Convention Center reduces lighting and HVAC in unoccupied areas of the building and in exhibit halls during move-in and move-out. Meeting rooms and lobby areas use compact fluorescent lamps, and exhibit halls provide more efficient lower-wattage lamps with the same light output.


SCS Engineers

The exhibit hall features a water station sponsored by SCS Engineers. Further, the Convention Center provides water stations in place of bottles for attendees. Sink faucets and low-flow toilets also reduce water waste. For clean-up, all parking lots are swept—not sprayed.

WASTECON® Hotels are committed to green hotel practices. Re-use of towels and bed linens is encouraged. To reduce waste catering items such as ceramic plates, mugs and service ware will be used.