Bruno Covas, Vice-Mayor, São Paulo, Brazil

Bruno Covas

Bruno Covas of São Paulo, Brazil, is grandson of Mario Covas, his greatest inspirer in politics and the former governor of São Paulo. He is a lawyer who graduated from Largo São Francisco Law School (University of São Paulo) and an economist with a degree from PUC-SP. He was the state president and national youth of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). He held positions in the State Executive and today is Secretary General of the PSDB/ São Paulo. In 2006, senhor Covas was elected state deputy. In the Assembly, he was the chairman of the Finance and Budget Commission and author of more than 60 bills, including the Administrative Responsibility Law, which prohibits work and programs from being stopped at management changes. Senhor Covas was the author of the law that made Virada Cultural mandatory in all regions of the state and rapporteur of bills, such as the Nota Fiscal Paulista, which returns tax directly to the citizens. In 2010, he was considered by the Conscious Vote Movement to be the most active member of the legislature (2007/2010). In 2011, senhor Covas was appointed Secretary of the Environment by Governor Geraldo Alckmin, a post in which he sought to ensure preservation and sustainable growth. Among the main actions he carried out were the revision of state environmental legislation, reducing by 68 percent the number of resolutions; the creation of conservation units; the increase in the number of green areas; the implementation of new air quality standards and the reduction of the average time of analysis for licensing from 329 days in 2011 to 128 days in 2013. His office developed actions aimed at animal welfare and awareness campaigns against the abandonment of domestic animals. He began the tests to clean the Pinheiros River and implemented the Rural Environmental Registry.