Chen Xiaoping, CEO, China Everbright International Limited, China

Chen Xiaoping

Chen Xiaoping has been the Executive Director, CEO and the Chairman of the Management Committee of China Everbright International Limited (“CEIL”) since August 2001. He had been a Non-Executive Director & Chairman of China Everbright Water Limited (listed on SGX), and currently also serves as the Non-Executive Director & Chairman of China Everbright Greentech Limited (listed on HKSE). Prior to joining CEIL, he worked for The People’s Bank of China and China Everbright Bank, with rich experience and extensive knowledge in banking, capital markets and corporate governance. Mr. Chen was appointed as the international team leader for the development of the UNECE’s “People-first PPP in waste-to energy guideline” in 2016 and he was elected as the first Chair of WTERT-Asia in April 2017. Mr. Chen graduated from the Department of Finance of the Southwest University in Finance and Economics in the PRC. He finished the MBA class of the Research Institute of Business Management of Sichuan University, the PRC and holds a Master’s Degree with a major in Money & Banking from the Department of Finance and Trade of the China Research Institute of Social Science. Mr. Chen holds the title of Senior Economist and Certified Public Accountant in the PRC. He had been engaged as a researcher at the China International Economic Development Research Centre, and a guest researcher at Columbia University in the United State.