Here are several frequently asked questions regarding chapter enrollment as part of SWANA membership.

How can I become a member of my local SWANA Chapter?
When you join SWANA, your membership includes one Chapter. You will automatically be enrolled in the SWANA Chapter based upon the state or providence of the mailing address you provided. We refer to this as your primary Chapter. If you would like to change your primary Chapter or join additional SWANA Chapters, you may.

How long does my chapter membership last?

The period covered for your Chapter membership annual dues is the same as your annual SWANA membership. Chapter dues will be included in your membership renewal statement for payment.

Can I join more than one Chapter?
You can join multiple SWANA Chapters. The first Chapter is included with your membership. Subsequent Chapters will be charged at the appropriate cost.

How can I contact my Chapter?

View all chapter contacts here.