“I’ve been part of our industry a relatively short time, just more than a year, and I’ve noticed that SWANA is different than other associations. There is a real camaraderie when members get together, not competition. When people meet in the airport, hotel lobby or on the show floor, it’s a reunion with hugs, not a handshake.”

“The ability to learn about and discuss important/evolving topics with industry leaders in time where the regulatory framework is very fluid is invaluable.”

The SWANA Landfill Symposium provided a nice array of speakers focused on issues surrounding policy, operations and trends affecting the landfill side of the industry. Of particular interest and focus during the meeting was the increasing trend towards landfill sites are becoming more integrated with holistic and sustainable waste management options, such as re-use and recycling.

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“SWANA offers a great experience for someone who desires continuing education, staying current in the MSW field, opportunities to meet others with similar interests, and identifying volunteer opportunities where one can serve, and get involved at the community level.”

“Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) staff relies on SWANA courses and meetings for professional development, training & networking to maintain its cutting edge leadership.”

“I really like SWANA because in California we have a really strong conference out here but I appreciate SWANA for having an International perspective and being able to talk with professionals in the hauling field. That’s one of SWANA’s strengths.”

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“To continue to seek out new technologies, updated regulations at the state and federal level, applied sciences that involve the solid waste industry, there is only one organization, SWANA, that can deliver.

“Anyone willing to apply themselves, through attending the training courses and technical sessions approved by SWANA can learn an unlimited amount of information that will be most beneficial to anyone working in the solid waste field. I support and recommend any SWANA certification or continuing education for ‘I am SWANA CERTIFIED’. Just an added note, I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk, I hold currently hold seven SWANA certifications.”

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“I have a really great new job. I would not have found it without SWANA’s Online Career Center!”

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“I would like to say that SWANA’s exhibit hall was one of the best-catered trade shows I have been to in years. Staff did a great job of taking care of new vendors, members like me who are new to SWANA and longtime members who were there for training. The show was well-organized and easy to get our equipment into and out.”

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