SWANA’s Young Professional Open Positions

We know you’re busy. But there are a variety of opportunities for you to get involved in SWANA’s Young Professionals (YP) group that don’t require a huge time commitment. From simply networking with other YPs to meeting established solid waste professionals to volunteering your time and talents to the YP group, we offer it all.

Want to get involved? See current YP Volunteer Opportunities below and contact SWANA’s YP Group Staff Liaison, Shelby Truxon, to ask questions and get started.

Call for OPEN YP-BOD Position

SWANA is now accepting applications for the open Young Professionals Board of Directors Representative (YP-BOD) position on the SWANA Board of Directors (BOD). This position will represent Young Professionals (YPs) on the SWANA governance board. The term is two years, beginning July 1, 2019. The YP-BOD must be a SWANA member in good standing and able to serve the complete two-year term.

Additionally, the YP-BOD must be 35 years of age or younger at the start of his or her term.

Responsibilities of this position include:

  • Participate as an active member of the YP Steering Committee. This includes monthly conference calls and an average of 2-4 hours of work per month
  • Represent the interests of all SWANA YP members, as a member of the BOD
  • Attend three BOD meetings each year (in person) and to participate on additional conference calls of the BOD, standing committees, and any other committees to which he/she is appointed by the SWANA President
  • Participate as a member of one of the three standing BOD Committees (Finance, Policy, or Membership/Planning). This includes conference calls
  • Prepare and present regular reports to the BOD on activities within the YP Group
  • Consult with the BOD and Executive Committee (EC) on matters pertaining to the YP Group (i.e., recruitment/retention tactics)
  • Provide training and orientation to the successor YP-BOD

SWANA Young Professional members interested in being considered for this position should submit an application packet to John Welch at welch@countyofdane.com no later than March 1, 2019.

Your application packet must include the following:

  • Letter of interest**
  • Resume
  • Summary of qualifications clearly demonstrating the following:
    • Active participation, involvement, and leadership in SWANA and SWANA YP activities at the local and/or international level
    • Professional experience and achievement within the solid waste industry
    • Demonstrated interpersonal skills (leadership, consensus-building)
    • Communication skills (public speaking, presentations, meeting facilitation)
    • Expressed vision for advancing SWANA YP initiatives and his or her goals for YP initiatives during the term of the YP-BOD position
  • At least two letters of support or other documentation supporting candidate’s contribution to SWANA and the Solid Waste field (where applicable), options may include:
    • Letter(s) of support** from the candidate’s local SWANA Chapter (where applicable)
    • Letter(s) of support** from the candidate’s employer (where applicable)
    • Other letter(s) of support from persons familiar with candidate's related professional experience and personal leadership capabilities.

The nominating committee shall review applications for the YP-BOD position and select the most qualified candidate(s) to be placed on the ballot. A bio/summary for each candidate will accompany the ballot. Voting by the SWANA YP members in good standing will occur online April 22 – May 24, 2019.

** The letter of interest and/or the letters of support must include language that acknowledges the candidate’s financial obligation to attend BOD meetings listed above and other SWANA events, as invited and necessary to represent the association, and to devote the time required to fulfill the duties of the position for a two-year period.

Questions? Contact John Welch.

Open YP Regional Rep and Chapter Liaison Positions

SWANA YP *Regional Rep and **Chapter Liaison positions provide critical volunteer opportunities for members looking to engage in SWANA initiatives designed to help develop, recruit, and educate YPs across the country.

Please contact SWANA’s YP Group Staff Liaison, Shelby Truxon, to ask questions and get started.

Open Positions:

Region 1 Chapter Liaison in New Mexico
Region 2 Chapter Liaison in Alaska and Oregon
Region 3 All positions are filled
Region 4 All positions are filled
Region 5 Chapter Liaisons in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi

*YP Regional Reps are primarily responsible for:

  • Coordinating YP Chapter Liaisons
  • Reporting needs and information to YP Steering Committee
  • Implement the YP Action Plan on a local level

**YP Chapter Liaisons are primarily responsible for:

  • Reporting needs and information to YP Regional Representative
  • Recruiting support
  • Growing YP Chapter contact list
  • Developing networking programs
  • Creating opportunities for learning
  • Advocating for local YPs