We know you’re busy. But there are a variety of opportunities for you to get involved in SWANA’s Young Professionals (YP) group that don’t require a huge time commitment. From simply networking with other YPs to meeting established solid waste professionals to volunteering your time and talents to the YP group, we offer it all.

Want to get involved? See current YP Volunteer Opportunities below and contact SWANA’s YP Group Staff Liaison, Shelby Truxon, to ask questions and get started.


The Planning Committee of the SWANA International Board has formed two new sub-committees and would like to have a few YPs participate in the discussions:

Awards Sub-Committee

Committee Chair: Rich Allen

This committee is looking at the current SWANA Excellence (facilities and programs) and Professional Achievement (Individuals) Awards Programs in effort to increase the number of nominations and make the program more attractive. This sub-committee will analyze the current programs and then make recommendations based on their findings.

The committee is expected to meet via phone several times over the fall and submit their recommendations to the Planning Committee for their conference call in December/January.

If interested, please respond to Sue Bumpous by August 31, 2017

Training & Certification Modernization Sub-Committee

Committee Chair: Katie Sandoe
Committee Vice Chair: Sheri Praski

SWANA is looking to modernize the SWANA training and certification program to better address some of the strategic planning items for FY2018 and beyond. This committee may require a 6–9 month engagement.

Please take a look at some of the links below:
How Associations Can Benefit from the Changing Education Landscape
Wood Flooring Group Creates a New Learning Platform
Bite-Size Learning for a Digital World

If interested, please respond to Sue Bumpous by August 31, 2017

Technical Division Young Professionals Representative (TDYPR) Positions

The following TDYPR positions are open:

If you are:

  1. 35 or under and a Solid Waste Association of North America YP member
  2. Must be a member of the listed Technical Division
  3. Interested in expanding your career, industry involvement, and making a difference in SWANA by becoming the TDYPR of either of these Technical Divisions

The TDYPR will be in charge of:

  • Representing the interests of the YP Group to the Division
  • Representing the interests of the Division to the YP Group
  • Increasing efforts of Division to attract more YPs to the Division and associated committees
  • Attending the Division meetings held at the LF Symposium/NAWTEC and WASTECON
  • Attending Division Steering Committee quarterly teleconferences
  • Providing a committee report at each meeting and teleconference
  • Being the liaison with all other Division committees to provide a YP perspective
  • Being the liaison with the YP Steering Committee
  • Being an active member of at least one Division Committee

Please submit your application to Sue Bumpous at sbumpous@swana.org. Include a brief description what you have done professionally, involvement you have had with SWANA and/or the Division, and what you would like to accomplish in the Division if you were elected Division YP Rep. Attach a professional photo that is 1MB or larger.

Open YP Regional Rep and Chapter Liaison Positions

SWANA YP *Regional Rep and **Chapter Liaison positions provide critical volunteer opportunities for members looking to engage in SWANA initiatives designed to help develop, recruit, and educate YPs across the country.

Please contact SWANA’s YP Group Staff Liaison, Shelby Truxon, to ask questions and get started.

Open Positions:

Region 1 Chapter Liaisons in Central California, Southern California, Colorado and Nevada
Region 2 Chapter Liaison in Alaska
Region 3 Chapter Liaison in Arkansas, Region 3 Representative
Region 4 All positions are filled
Region 5 Chapter Liaisons in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi

*YP Regional Reps are primarily responsible for:

  • Coordinating YP Chapter Liaisons
  • Reporting needs and information to YP Steering Committee
  • Implement the YP Action Plan on a local level

**YP Chapter Liaisons are primarily responsible for:

  • Reporting needs and information to YP Regional Representative
  • Recruiting support
  • Growing YP Chapter contact list
  • Developing networking programs
  • Creating opportunities for learning
  • Advocating for local YPs