Calling All YPs!

The SWANA Young Professionals (YP) group continues to grow and expand thanks to you and other YP's across the country. Your fellow YP members have been busy this past year speaking at SWANA events, leading teams, mentoring students and making strides in all aspects of the industry. With more than 8,000 members, including more than 200 YPs, your accomplishments are certainly something to be very proud of and shared with others.

Your generation has been the hot-topic in many associations and companies seeking to understand your potential. Now you can help us show your fellow colleagues and future bosses what SWANA Young Professionals are really made of!

Simply provide what information you can from below, and send along with your picture to be featured in the SWANA YP of the Month section of the I AM SWANA News e-newsletter. 
*Note: quotes and pictures may also be featured in SWANA marketing materials. Must be a member of SWANA and a current YP, 35 years of age or younger, to be featured.

Briefly tell us a little about yourself, including:

  • Demographics: name, title, employer, contact info
  • Accomplishments you are proud of (ex: career or industry related, personal, etc.)
  • Things You Have Done with SWANA (ex: when you became a member, presentations at WASTECON® or other SWANA events, SWANA Awards you've received, your training and certification activities, etc.)
  • Quote about your experience as a YP member so far (including why others should join the SWANA YP group)

Use the form below or send submissions directly to Shelby Truxon, Membership Program Manager, at struxon@swana.org.