SWANA Technical Divisions


SWANA’s Technical Divisions open doors to the best networking opportunities in the solid waste industry!

SWANA membership includes seven technical divisions. These technical divisions provide members with the most convenient methods to keep track of hot topics, connect with experts, and shape the future of solid waste management. Access to each division’s electronic forum encourages networking across the United States and Canada, allowing members to access resources and get answers to questions.

Technical Division subscribers are connected to other professionals who share the same interests and comparable challenges. It’s the best way for you to keep track of hot topics in your specific area of solid waste management, access experts and shape the future of your career and the industry.

Benefits of Being a SWANA Technical Division Member:

Enhance Your Professional Visibility

Gain recognition from your supervisors as someone who is leader material and willing to do more than the basics required for the job. Some companies require staff at certain levels to be members of a professional association and contribute volunteer time to it. Is yours one of those?

Access Expertise

As a Division member, you have access to the full contact list of other Division subscribers who run some of the most successful and innovative solid waste programs in the industry. Who do you consider to be an industry superstar that you’d like to know? Whose program is a model that you want to emulate?

Post Your Challenges to Crowdsource Answers

SWANA's Community Forums (specific to each Technical Division) are email-based exchanges that allow you to pose questions and get answers to pressing issues. Someone in the division probably has addressed the same challenges you are facing and is willing to share what worked and what didn’t, saving you time and money.

Create SWANA’s Future

Division members shape the future of SWANA and the solid waste industry. Members lead the development of conference agendas and webinars that are the heart of SWANA’s educational programming, select award winners that exemplify industry excellence, design training programs that lead to professional certification, craft technical policies that guide industry practices and much more.