SWANA's Collection & Transfer Technical Division

The largest single budget item in solid waste management, the collection and transfer of refuse and recyclables relies heavily on efficiency and reliability. Issues include route design, health and safety, and contracting and franchising. The Collection and Transfer Division tracks equipment innovations and analyzes developments in:
  • Vehicle fleet management and maintenance
  • Collection efficiency
  • Emission regulations
  • Enhancing vehicle performance with the use of alternative fuels

Collection & Transfer Technical Division Leadership

Dan Graeter

Technical Division Advisory Board Delegate

Dan Graeter, Senior Manager, GT Environmental, Inc.

Don Ross

Past Director

Don Ross, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, New Way Trucks

Mike Fernandez


Mike Fernandez, Director, Miami-Dade County Solid Waste Management

Matt Riesberg

Vice Director

Matt Riesberg, Vice Director, Schaefer Systems, International, Inc.

Awards Committee

Evaluates nominations and presents the SWANA Excellence Award, “Collection Systems”. Evaluates nominations and recommends the recipient of the division’s Distinguished Individual Achievement Award (began 2018).

Legislative Committee

Follows federal initiatives such as diesel engine retrofits, interstate transport of waste, and driver CDL requirements. Members are alerted to opportunities to review and comment on legislation that impacts their organizations. The committee also provides input on SWANA’s technical policies.

Program & Policy Committee

Reviews speaking proposals submitted for WASTECON® and other events. Members also can serve as moderators for technical sessions at events.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee will promote safety education and programs among the Collection and Transfer Technical Division members.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee will explore, evaluate and propose new collection technologies.

Training Committee

Provides CT training and education through SWANA courses and publications, assuring program quality. Training courses include:

  • Managing Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Certification Course
  • Managing Transfer Station Systems Certification Course
  • Training for Collection Operations Personnel