SWANA's Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division

The Communication, Education and Marketing Division (CEM) uses words and images to network, spread ideas and promote solid waste industry interests to the public and decision makers.

Communication motivates customers, gives them information to make purchasing decisions and persuades them to alter their attitudes and behaviors to become environmental stewards. Division members will help you identify campaigns and strategies that will work best for your organization.

These strategies fall into three main categories:

  • Public Awareness – outreach with information that people need to know
  • Educational Program – a range of steps and activities from awareness to action with an ultimate goal of broad environmental stewardship
  • CEM Tools – the creation and implementation of advertising materials that are specifically developed to sell a product or increase participation in a service

Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division Leadership

Ramona Simpson

Director (Term: 08/2019)

Ramona Simpson, MPA, Environmental Programs Supervisor, Town of Queen Creek, Arizona

Kathryn Sandoe

Technical Division International Board Representative (Term: 08/2019)

Kathryn J. Sandoe, Ed.D., Chief Communications Officer, Lancaster County Solid Waste Authority, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Roe

Past Director (Term: 08/2019)

Elizabeth Roe, President, Eco Partners, Inc.

Veronica Roof

Vice Director (Term: 08/2019)

Veronica Roof, Senior Environmental Policy Specialist, Burns & McDonnell

Awards Committee

Evaluates nominations and presents SWANA Awards.

Program Committee

Develops and oversees the Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division’s technical programs at WASTECON®. The committee also suggests future conference sites, technical presentations and tours for SWANApalooza. Members also can serve as moderators for technical sessions and contribute to the topic and speaker selection process for SWANA's regular Webinars.

Training Committee

Provides CEM-related training and education through courses and publications, assuring program quality.

Mater-Bi Grocery Bags
Ruble Truck Sales
Harris Equipment
SSI Shredding Systems
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My membership in the Communication, Education & Marketing (CEM) gives me the opportunity to meet my peers and to learn from and with them. Together, we can discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve. We all have a limited amount of time and a limited number of resources. By sharing information and connecting with our peers, we can be sure that we are putting both time and money to good use.

— Elizabeth Roe , President, Eco Partners, Inc.