Landfill Gas and Biogas Distinguished Individual Achievement Award

The Annual Landfill Gas Distinguished Individual Achievement Award recognizes efforts on behalf of individual SWANA members for service to SWANA’s Landfill Gas Management Division, service to employers, support of SWANA’s Mission to advance the practice of municipal solid waste (MSW) management, and overall long-term service to the landfill gas industry.

The recipient of the award will be recognized during SWANA’s Annual Landfill Gas Symposium (as part of SWANApalooza).

Landfill Gas and Biogas Division DIAA Recipients

2017 - no award -
2016 - no award -
2015 William HeldWilliam Held
2014 Amy BanisterAmy Banister
2013 - no award -
2012 Peter CarricoPeter Carrico
2011 Bryan StirratBryan Stirrat
2010 Frank CaponiFrank Caponi
2009 Michael MichelsMichael Michels
2008 Tom ShuputTom Shuput
2007 Ed WhelessEd Wheless
2006 Curt RangerCurt Ranger
2005 Jean BognerJean Bogner
2004 Ray NardelliRay Nardelli
2003 Jim WalshJim Walsh
2002 Fred RiceFred Rice
2001 Greg VogtGreg Vogt
2000 Dave MyersDave Myers
1999 Alex RoquetaBernie ZahrenAlex Roqueta/Bernie Zahren (tie)
1998 Bob StearnsBob Stearns
1997 Lanny HickmanLanny Hickman
1996 Ray HuitricRay Huitric
1995 John PaceyJohn Pacey
SWANA's Landfill Gas and Biogas Technical Division logo

"My leadership position in SWANA’s Landfill Gas and Biogas Technical Division has allowed me to make connections with experts in the field from around North America."

— Bob Watts, LGB Division Past Director