SWANA's Landfill Management Technical Division

With more than 800 members, SWANA’s Landfill Management Division remains one of our largest and most active technical divisions, currently focused on two main issues:

  • Leachate management, which represents one of the largest cost categories for many landfills 
  • Long-term management of landfills after the U.S. EPA regulatory post-closure period ends

The Landfill Symposium

The Landfill Symposium

The 22nd annual Landfill Symposium will be held March 5-7, 2018, in Denver, Colorado.

Landfill Management Technical Division Leadership

Director: Anastasia Welch, P.E., Vice President/Project Director, SCS Aquaterra, Kansas
(Term: 8/2017)  

Vice Director: Tim Mitchell, P.E., Project Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Pennsylvania
(Term: 8/2017)

Past Director: Kevin Yard, Vice President, SCS Engineers, Texas
(Term: 8/2017)

Technical Division International Board Representative: Lynsey Kocenko, Facility Manager, Delaware Solid Waste Authority
(Term: 8/2019)

Leadership Opportunities

Awards Committee

Evaluates nominations and presents “Landfill Management”, “Landfill Re-Use” and “Landfill Remediation” Excellence Award. Learn more about these awards. The Division also presents a "Landfill Distinguished Individual Achievement Award” at the Landfill Symposium. 

Call for Nominations for the 2018 DIAA Award is now open.
Download and fill out this form and send to techdivisions@swana.org.
Deadline is December 17, 2017, at midnight Eastern time.

Landfill Health & Safety Committee
Committee Chair: Sterling Kenyon, ASP, SCS Field Services, Texas
Encourages the presentation of specific topics at international and regional SWANA symposia, online training sessions and appropriate technical division bulletins.

Leachate Management Committee
Committee Chair: Ivan Cooper, Principal, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., North Carolina

 Addresses leachate treatment costs, which represent one of the largest (if not the largest) cost category for many landfills. In addition, wastewater discharge regulations are tightening and, as a result, there’s a growing interest in and need for on-site treatment.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee
Committee Chair: Ravi Kadambala, Senior Project Professional, SCS Engineers, Florida
Tracks current and pending legislation at the federal and state levels, providing comments and writing letters to elected officials in support of SWANA's stance on key issues. 

Long Term Management Committee
Committee Chair: Rick Aho, Retired Executive Director, MCSWMA, Michigan
Addresses a lack of guidance on the type of long-term care needed for landfills beyond what is required by federal regulations. The 30-year post-closure care (PCC) period prescribed in federal regulations can be decreased or extended by the director of an approved state if the state determines that the change is protective of human health and the environment. If the decision is made to extend the monitoring, then the committee will recommend the type, level and frequency of monitoring activities that should be required. 

Program Committee
Committee Chair: Bob Schoenberger, Board Member, Chester County Solid Waste Authority, Pennsylvania
Develops and oversees the Division’s technical programs at WASTECON. The committee also suggests future conference sites, technical presentations and tours for the annual Landfill Symposium. Members also can serve as moderators for technical sessions and contribute to the topic and speaker selection process for SWANA's regular Webinars.

Training Committee
Committee Chair: James Moore, Northwest Region Compliance Manager, SCS Field Services, California
Provides training and education through courses and publications, assuring program quality. Courses have included:

  • Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO) Certification Course
  • Manager of Bioreactor Landfill Operations Certification Course
  • Landfill Operational Issues

Young Professionals Representative: Lynsey Kocenko, Facility Manager, Delaware Solid Waste Authority

SWANA Landfill Management Technical Division Logo

The solid waste industry is constantly changing and evolving due to new and stricter regulations, and the development of new management strategies and technologies. Through the years, SWANA’s technical and management divisions have had significant influence on shaping this industry. Being a part of the Landfill Management Technical Division has enhanced my career by providing opportunities to enhance my knowledge on the latest trends and technologies. As the new Chair of the Rules and Regulations committee, I look forward to further shaping and guiding our industry. I encourage you to leave your personal mark as well by joining a committee today!

— Ravi Kadambala, Ph.D., P.E., SCS Engineers

SWANA’s Landfill Management Technical Division provides excellent career and leadership opportunities. I remember attending one of the division meetings at WASTECON and somebody raised my hand to volunteer for the division activities. Before I know, I became director of the technical division, which is valued immensely in the industry. Most of all, there is a lot of personal satisfaction to be part of something that contributes to the society. I always wonder ‘who’ raised my hand.

— Aamod Sonawane, LFM Past Director