Lawrence Lecture Board Of Trustees Search For Nominees

Publish Date: 12/3/2008

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The Board of Trustees for the Lawrence Lecture Fund would like your help in the search for nominees. All Chapters and individual members are encouraged to submit their nominations for this award.

The Lecturer award may be given annually to an individual recognized as a national/international leader and expert in the field of solid waste management, or another segment of the field of environmental protection. Recognition can come in the form of research, management, publications, teaching and/or political action, and contributions should be substantial, significant and sustained. While emphasis will be placed on the recipient working in the field of solid waste management, other fields of environmental protection may also be considered.
As part of the award, the lecturer shall receive an honorarium and reimbursement for travel costs. The amount provided for travel and the honorarium is determined by the Trustees. The recipient may be a citizen of any country. Joint recipients may be selected where the recipients represent joint efforts of endeavor. The Lawrence Lecture is presented annually at WASTECON®.
All nominations need to be received by the Association Offices no later than January 15, 2009. The review and selection process will be completed so that all considered candidates can be presented to the Executive Committee at their Mid-Year Meeting. To submit a nomination, contact Kathy Callaghan at 240-494-2248, fax 301-589-7068, or e-mail kcallaghan@swana.org.