SWANA Publishes Peer-Reviewed Report On The Long-Term Environmental Risks Of Subtitle D Landfills

Publish Date: 6/17/2011

White Papers

The Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA's) Applied Research Foundation (ARF) has just released a revised report, called “The Long-Term Environmental Risks of Subtitle D Landfills.

The report summarizes what is known about the actual long-term environmental risks associated with municipal solid waste landfills and introduces long-term care alternatives that can be used to manage and minimize these risks. SWANA will distribute this report to Federal, State and Provincial regulatory agencies in order to initiate a dialogue on the regulatory changes needed to improve landfill operation during the post-closure period.

"This is an excellent report that makes a significant contribution to the scientific literature on landfills,” said John Skinner, Ph.D, SWANA’s Executive Director and CEO. “ It makes a series of important recommendations that, if followed, will improve environmental performance of landfills over the long term, “ Skinner added.

In light of this report’s important and far-reaching conclusions, SWANA decided to subject the report to an outside peer review by an independent panel comprised of the following leading academicians and researchers in this field:

  • Dr. Debra R. Reinhart, PE, BCEE, Pegasus Professor, Assistant Vice President for Research and Commercialization, University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Craig H. Benson, PE, DGE, Chair, Geological Engineering, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison.