SWANA Supports Safety Stand Down: Water. Rest. Shade.

Publish Date: 5/13/2016

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May 12, 2016

 Wendy Melis
Director of Marketing
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SWANA Supports Week-Long Safety Stand Down on Water. Rest. Shade.
Encourages others to get involved with industry-wide safety initiatives

Silver Spring, MD –The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA ) proudly supports the National Waste & Recycling Association’s “Safety Stand Down on Water. Rest. Shade.” taking place the week of May 16 - 20, 2016.

The Stand Down is intended as a week of heightened awareness and focus on preventing heat-related illness. A free toolkit which features materials that local governments and waste haulers can use to participate in this effort is available for download online .  

SWANA Executive Director David Biderman stated, "SWANA agrees that heat stress can be a safety hazard for solid waste workers, particularly over the next few months, and we urge employers and employees to make sure they do not fall victim to it.  Workers should stay hydrated, take frequent breaks, and seek shade when necessary."  

Creating a culture of safety in the solid waste industry is a primary goal of SWANA. Recent efforts have included the institution of Chapter-level Safety Ambassadors, a first-of-its-kind municipal data collection survey, and safety events around the country, like an upcoming workshop in West Palm Beach, Florida on May 24, 2016.

Added Biderman, “SWANA will continue to focus on efforts to help reduce accidents and injuries in both the public and private sectors. SWANA is the leading waste industry resource in the United States and Canada for meaningful safety tools that help companies and local governments make sure their workers go home to their families, safely, every day.

SWANA encourages its members to participate in the week-long Safety Stand Down on Rest. Water. Shade. To take the pledge and get involved, click here .   

For more information on SWANA’s Safety Matters program and access to free safety-focused resources, visit SWANA.org/safety .



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